Artificial Intelligence is the new buzz inthe town and it’s like electricity embedding itself in daily life, it hasadvanced to the point, where it has the power to transform every major sector tobe techno-driven in the future years. Ifelt that becoming a Machine Learning Engineer is a sense of marvel; hence a Master’s degree in Computer Science, with emphasison AI, is my passion.Computer science is the future, which makes me stand on the cutting-edge of theacademic competition than to be left behind.My thirst for innovation started the moment; I secured myself a seat inComputer Science Engineering in one of the reputed colleges, Panimalar Collegeof Engineering, affiliated to Anna University. It has helped to acquire a solidfoundation and introduced me to variousfields in computer science and gave me lucrative insight into the theoreticalknowledge. My interest in the subjects helped me to secure an aggregateof 83%, which helped me to be among the top students of my batch.

I’m also an active member of the PECinnovation club, where we involve in discussions regarding the booming problemsand come with solutions. Iwish to raise my understanding of the nuances of the Computer Science field anduse this knowledge to further enhance my chances for a lucrative career inMachine Learning.American universities can beconsidered as an epitome of freedom, as they allow students to customize theircourse to fit their interests, engaging them more in zealous learning for gainingin-depth knowledge, so that they become subject connoisseurs. Ihave studied there from 2nd to 7th grade, so I’m familiarwith their teaching styles and love the environment as it’s an internationallydiverse cohort. They apply their cognitive skills to apply theory into practiceresulting in their own study solving the actual cases involves problems.(SENTENCE COULD BE BETTER FORMED) This practicaloriented study will also expose the student to the working environment rightfrom the start.  During my sophomore days, I involved myself in the Face toEmoji (AI related) project. It involves emotion detection using deep neuralnetworks, using Python 2.

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4 and Open CV languages, linear regression andgradient descent algorithms. The outcome of the project is that, it identifies clearly anger, ambiguousmood, and happiness and returns the relevant Emoji. This assignment greatlystrengthened my conceptual knowledge, and through its practical implementation,it also allowed me to expertise my profound interest in Python programming.Apart from the projects undertaken in college, it was my ardent desire to gainexposure pertaining to the software industry, and this prompted me to handle upvivid training and internships relevant to my field of study.

One of the mostremarkable and engaging intern was at National Informatics Centre and thishelped to gain insight into the various live projects dealing with networking,data science and analytics. It was an eye-opener for me as I came to know aboutnew Software’s and languages that assisted in Software Development anddelivering the Project successfully on time. I had undergone In-Plant Trainingin Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), one of the biggest telecommunicationindustries undertaken byte government of India. Here I had a detailedunderstanding of the function, operations and management of networkinfrastructure components, including routers, switches, access points, and servers.

I also attended training at HCL Technologies Limited, giant Software Company inIndia and across globe, where I was involved on an ongoing android project. Formy final year University dissertation, I amworking on a project under the supervision of Mrs.ST Santhana Lakshmi whichinvolves Best Drug Prediction for Healthcare Communities by incorporatingMachine Learning and Big Data.

Also, I have been selected for practical projecttraining at Infosys Limited. I’mgaining solid insipid practical knowledge related to various technologies andconcepts such as Python, and Object-Oriented Design and Programming. Theundergraduate program, external courses and internship has made me realize thatcontinuous progress and on-job training is the key to life. Coordinatingand organizing events have stirred interest in me right from schooling andboosted the confidence in me that I can manage any kind of situation. I was the event organizer for Xerone-16 (Computer Science Department Technical Fest) and alsoan active volunteer for IEEE-Madras Section. Apart from this, I’mhandling the role of being theCampus Ambassador for Shaastra’18 in IIT-MADRAS, a responsibility thatincluded acting as the bridge between the students and the administration. Italso involves in campaigning the activities to various schools and colleges,and also assisting the students in case of any problem.

  Ifeel that graduate study at Wayne State University should be the next step tomake me a well-rounded professional. I feel confident that with the renownedfaculty combined with World Class Research facilities at your university willsurely enable me to prove my mettle in the current competitive industry. Mydesires are to do research under Dr.Ming Dong and Dr.

Jing Hua as their researchand my interests correlate. It would be splendid opportunity if I could assistDr.Dong,as he is the director of Machine Vision and Pattern RecognitionLaboratory (MVPRL) at Wayne State University, I’m sure I can gain lots ofinsight and way to make my dreams a reality.My thirst for more knowledge and hands on experience hasmotivated me for Master’s with research preparation as the prime focus in mostprograms.

I have plethora of innovative ideas and even have some action plansto put them into applicability, but guidance from professors aided withpractical exposure can pave much smoother pathway to mightier innovations. Ona broader scale studying master’s program and possibly working for a shortperiod in the USA, I believe I can gain the vital skills to lead our industryto a new era. I amconfident that, I will uphold the reputation of the university and also will becomea strong brand ambassador for the program after graduating from the course.



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