_____________ apples are grownin Kashmir.            a)A      b) An     c) The   d) No article Prepositions:-1. What is behind the rise ____wall street?             a) on        b) of    c) at     d) behind Error Spotting:-I. Ram did not like (A)/leaving hisold grand parents alone in the house (B)/ but he had no alternative (C)/ as hehas to go out to work (D)/ No error (E)            a)A      b) B       c) C     d) D      e) E Sentence Improvement:-1 Security has been escalated at theRailway station ,  in the wake of aintelligence report of a bomb threat by a terrorist group. a) has been escalated b) has escalated c) haveescalated d) have been escalated e) No improvement is required Synonyms:-1. Sanguine  (A)Genuine               (B) Enthusiastic                      (C) Optimistic             (D) Dispassionate Spelling Correction:-1. a) excert      b) exert           c)ecert           d) eksert One Word Substitution:-1.

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Have a desire for something orsomeone who is not presenta) yearn  b) facade c) delusion d) sedition Antonyms:-1. Dwella) hang around                        b)escape          c)abscond        d)bail out Idioms:-1. A man of lettersa) expert in writing lettersb) expert in arts and literaturec) expert in alphabetsd) expert in giving speech   SentenceRearrangement:-1.         In1856, a very famous burglary called the Cornhill burglary took place in Englandand the demand for burglar – proof safes increased.

2.         Theinteresting thing is that it is still in demand for the safe-keeping ofdiamonds because it is the only drill- proof safe known.3.

         Theattempt to keep one’s treasures in a specially protected place away from allharm, natural to all creatures. 4.         Asafe has now come to mean any large room or box which is used to keep valuablessecure.

5.         Humanbeings developed a ‘safe’ over a long period of time after much trial anderror. 6.

         In1860, a patent was taken out by safe manufacturer called Samuel Charewood for anew improved safe.             a)345162        b) 354162        c) 354126        d) 162354


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