Heroism is neither the altruistic Acts of the

Heroism is neither saintly nor evil, it is neither the altruistic Acts of the Apostless of the Islamic icon, Muhammad, nor the successful accomplishments of legendary drug Godhead Pablo Escobar — who helped help the destitute Columbian small towns with drug money ( Berg ) . Heroism is an abstract portrayal of 1s ‘ ain

Sime monuments and the design of cities and

Sime Reap river basin (409.29 km2) is one of thedistributary of Tonlesap great lake. The water source of river is from Kulenmountain and flow through the Angkor temple complex before it drains to theTonlesap. This watershed has very important function because it connects andmaintains the three sites of global natural and cultural conservation namelythe UNESCO

Commissioned the east and west outer precinct walls

Commissioned bythe Senate in 13 BC, the Ara Pacis Augustae is a sacrificial and symbolicmonument, a representation of the Pax Romanaor the peace Augustus brought to Rome after concluding years of war. The AraPacis is an almost square altar with all four exterior sides containing narrativepanels that detail not only the story of Rome and

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In their quest to stand out among many other colleagues, poets normally design their own presentation styles and stick to them. These unique styles are associated with them whenever they arise. Shelley, being among the all time authors of her time, could not afford being a different poet. She employed total complexity in her poems

Focus transgender individuals were mostly derogatory – portraying

Focus is essentially aimed at the analysis of transgenderindividuals within sport and how they are presented in various media outlets.The notion that “sport constructs and reinforces perceptions of natural differencesbetween males and females” (Messner, 2002 cit. Lucas-Carr & Crane, 2011p.533) will be explored with regards to “athletes who…have an internal sense ofgender identity different from

Nothing people can create their design and print

Nothing can alter the fact that 3Dprinting technology has become a rapidly growing field, and in many ways, it isconsidered as the most interesting fields of technology development with manypotential applications. By using the 3D printing, we are able to print out areplacement for a broken part on one of our object faster and easier.

The sources of energy. Solar power is an

Thevery first thing which pops up in our mind is that what exactly Solar Energymeans. According to many sources, solar energy is derived from the Sun.Therefore, this energy can be used in many various forms such as it can be useddirectly to heat, and light the homes. Moreover, it can also be transformedinto electricity using


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