Hereby of Oulu for the academic year of

Hereby I would like to contour my motivation for applying for the master’s program in Marketing or International Business Management at University of Oulu for the academic year of 2018. I have completed my Bachelor of Business Administration from East West University, Bangladesh. My major area was marketing and my earned CGPA -3.00 out of

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The main sources of illumination in outdoor scenes are the sun and sky and an essentialaspect of realistic outdoor scenes is correct rendering of the sky 4. Althoughthere have been many developments in the field, rendering an accurate representationof the sky at a specific location and time is still a challenge 8.Many researchers have used

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1. Introduction Over the past few years, drones technology are immediately growing in reputation eventhough they still in the infancy phase in terms of mass adoption and usage. Drones or known as called by a few others name such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Flying Mini Robots or Miniature Pilotless Aircrafts have become essential to

A light when you combine it with Argon.

A wide variety of laser exists. The use of laser depends on the field.  Laser is classified in main sectors on the foundation of medium used to produce laser. Depending upon the medium the range and wavelengths also vary. Main classes of laser are: 1.      GAS  laser It is further divided into sub categories that

Compressive signal. But, in this new concept we

 Compressive Sensing  Abhilasha Sharma Assistant professor, Department of Electronics Engineering Madhav Institute of Technology & Science  Gwalior (M.P)-474005, [email protected]  Abstract—Compressive sensing is a relatively new technique in the signal processing field which allows acquiring signals while taking few samples. It works on   two principles: sparsity, which pertains to the signals of interest, and incoherence, which pertains to the sensing modality.

Omar known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Essentially,

Omar Abdulla B.Tech (MAE) – AUD5870 Semester 3 January 8, 2018   Contents ·      Introduction ·      The two types of drones: ·      Sizes of drones ·      Features ·      Drones With Sensors ·      Drone Technology progress ·      Uses of Drones ·      Usage of drones over the years ·      Advantages ·      Disadvantages          


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