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This report will be demonstrating the impact of innovation and creativity has in Virgin Atlantic. This will show the role innovation and creativity plays in the marketing and technology of the organisation. What is Innovation? “The intentional introduction and application within a job, work team or organisation of ideas, processes, products or procedures which are

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On feature films, lighting is exceptionally important. It is usually the Director of Photography’s responsibility to make sure that the lighting design is perfect, not only the camera positions and how the scene will be shot. The lighting affects the dramatic intensity of the scene, and has a very powerful effect. In this essay I

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The theme of the project is the role of female in the society of “Metropolis” and ” Psycho”. Through this project, we would like to analysis the position of female in these two films and find out the image of female in the directors’ mind. In certain extent, it can represent a typical image of

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STEP 1 Go to a library/ resource centre and research your nominated photographers/filmmaker’s who use the concept or technique of shadow in their work. The attached list of photographers will give you a starting point for your research. For example Christian Boltanski, William Kentridge, Cindy Sherman, Alfred Hitchcock, Once you have found the image/video photocopy

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 And many of the design ideas are still in use today, in double page spreads in the majority of magazines, and is the basis for many advertisements campaigns. ‘Picture post painlessly surrendered all the values and purposes that had made it a journal of consideration before the eyes of its diminishing public drifted into the

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RELEVANCE OF CASADEI REVIEW WHEN ONE DECIDES To Include “CASADEI” In Their WardrobeThere is no limit to creation and imagination. It is an art to anticipate the current fashion or to foretell which designs the people will love to wear. Casadei is one of those businesses that know the relevance of creativity and sophisticated craftsmanship.


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