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Digital download is becoming more and more popular as the years go on. It has become part of the music revolution. As revenues for the major record labels are declining, we see an exponential growth from digital music sales. Online store, ITunes, is one of the premier sites that offer digital music. It is now

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In the 1990s, sociologists looking back on the process of globalization, considered whether and if, in how far, a particular nation state could have a leading role in the homogenization of culture. While many scientists, like Featherstone or Smith (cf. Ritzer, 1998, pp. 82-83) deny the dominant role of any nation-state in exporting cultural values,

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Let’s have a look now on what is concerning the McDonaldization four main processes: Calculability, Control, Efficiency and Predictability. The calculability results from the volunteer to create quantity rather than quality, always more and more burgers, more and more restaurants, “Bigger is Better”…The control phase can be understood as monitoring tools to control both employees

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Digital Imaging is still a relatively new medium and has endured much criticism along the way, much more is still to come. But I feel it’s inevitable that it will become a dominant medium for artist in the future. Knowing what the future possibilities are means that you will be at the forefront of the

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During the recent years in the history of modern art, there is one thing that one cannot miss to notice: we see that artists and the media are bound together. One cannot exist without the other. The media feed from the extremes artists, sometimes, go to so that they can deliver a piece of art. And artists survive

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 Free editing programs are so simple to use and no specific skills or expensive equipment are required to edit or copy the moving image, giving the public greater ability to copy and edit film. Technology also allows for easier publication and dissemination as well. Almost every film can be accessed via the internet. And, if

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Over the past decade we have seen a large increase in the growth and expansion of the events industry. Although the collapse in economic growth due to the recession has halted the industries progress, the events industry can thank the UK’s previous thriving economy, increase in leisure spending and disposable income for its success in

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Within the last few decades, pop culture has increasingly dominated the different religious view points on a variety of entertainment venues, film being the most prominent in our culture today. In 1988 director, Martin Scorsese and MCA/Universal released one of the most religiously offensives movies to the largest religious community in the United States, The

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What Influence did Black American Music have on the British Working Class Youth in the Sixties? 1960’s Britain was a time of great cultural change. A huge change of the time was the birth of the teenager; children no longer dressed like their parents, opening a huge gap in the market for young people’s fashion.


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