First of all, I would like to consider the concert performance “Trio For Flute, Clarinet And Piano” which I was lucky to listen at Ars Vitalis concert recently. After this I’ll pass to another pieces performed that night. This piece was performed by three musicians who played exquisitely. This was a play of three instruments: flute, clarinet and piano.

I would characterize the pitch of the whole performance as high, because the major part of the piece was played in high pitch and tempo. Piano playing at low pitch and slow tempo opened up the performance; this part was very peaceful and produced a considerable contrast to the subsequent climax of the piece. Another significant slowing down took place almost in the end of the piece, the music flew in a slow tempo and deep pitch, the instruments went out of the performance one by one: first the flute became silent first, then the clarinet stopped playing, only piano continued performing and in the end all the instruments at once thundered at a very high pitch. And this use of pitch produced a very strong ending, and made the whole performance quite vigorous. As for the instrumental parts it is necessary to point out that piano was a kind of continuous background, but flute and clarinet were producing different effects: changed the pitch and the whole mood of the piece. I’d like to mention here that flute and clarinet produced mysterious effect on me through the whole performance, and in the climax of the performance these two instruments created the presentiment of uncertain danger, at least this was what I felt at that moment.

When flute and clarinet stopped playing, letting piano finish the performance (which was quite logic), the music was so peaceful, just like at the very beginning; but the instruments came into play again to put a period to the performance. As I mentioned above it produced a very strong affect and imparted the sensation of completeness. Another point which, to my mind, enhanced the effect of the piece was the way of performance. The musicians revealed corresponding emotions through the whole performance, their body language made me feel deeper the music performed. When the music was slow performers were gentle, when music tension grew they became more expressive.

Now I would like to characterize in few words the rest of pieces performed, which, though didn’t strike me as the first one, but still are worth of mentioning. So “Ballad for cello and piano” can be characterized by slow tempo and quite mysterious mood produced by violin, cello and guitar. Another piece “String Quartet No. 4, Op.

103” was performed by four people, of course, who played viola, 2 violins and cello. This piece produced a mysterious effect on me and, to my mind, it was violin which added some mystery to the piece. The following piece “100 Greatest Dance Hits”, to my mind was the easiest part for listening. The performance was mild, without high pitch or too fast tempo, so it was quite relaxing. “Piano Trio” was a performance of three people, three instruments: violin, cello and piano. This piece can be characterized as energetic and mysterious. Thus, after attending this concert I plunged into the beautiful world of music, which enabled me to obtain a little bit more mystery in my life.


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