Aristophanes’ myth of love aims to identify today’s men and women, were lonely and diminished, but they hoped to find happiness by convening with their missing halves. A process of which Aristophanes suggest, continue to this day. Love in his view is nothing more or less than a quest for a lost integrity. Therefore, Aristophanes myth of love reflected in Shakespeare’s depiction of Romeo and Juliet’s passion in a way that shows love is naturally the play’s prevalent and most important theme. In Act 1, scene 1, there is a relationship between love and lust that explain the situation between Romeo and Juliet, for example,  “As Benvolio and Montague discuss the fight a little later, Lady Montague says she’s glad that Romeo, her son, wasn’t involved. Benvolio says that just before dawn he saw Romeo looking melancholy in a grove of sycamore trees. None of them know why Romeo has seemed so sad recently. Just then they see Romeo approaching. Montague and Lady Montague exit, to let Benvolio speak with Romeo alone”.This shows as the relation between love and lust, individuals and society in ways that reflected on love as makes Romeo a loner–out of the social world. Love also makes Romeo frequent the darkness. Though his family doesn’t know why Romeo’s sad, this gives a clue to sick love. Another theme in the scene that shows the relationship between fate and choices when; “Benvolio advises Romeo to find someone else to love. Romeo walks off, saying that he can’t forget Rosaline. Benvolio vows to help him forget her”. This reflected to show Juliet’s fate, also Romeo isn’t really in love he’s trying to be an unrequited love. In conclusion, Aristophanes speech helped to shows the involves lovers’ struggles in  Romeo and Juliet story against public and social institutions that either implicitly opposes the presence of their love. The story shows different institutions that often come into conflict with each other. Such as families, religions and the take place on masculine dignity. 


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