Application: Apply the product in its natural state by dosing pump and adjust dosage according to the requirements. Typical properties: NPC DF 330 is an ecologically sound product containing no mineral oil and Ethylene Bis Stearamides (EBS). A proprietary blend of organically modified silicone based defoamer and wash-aid additives which makes NPC DF 330 to be very effective at- 1) Highly alkaline pH of 11 to 13.5 2) Higher operating temperatures in pulp-mills Such as 80 to 95 Degree Celsius & 3) Higher TDS of 25000 ppm or more. Physical Properties: Appearance: Thin off-white opaque liquid. Dispersability in water: Dispersible in all Proportion. pH : 5.5 to 8.0 Dosage: Based on the raw material & process used in pulping the dosage varies from 80 gm to 200 gm per Ton of processed paper. Benefits: NPC DF 330 is very effective defoamer and shows excellent performance as a deaerator by significantly reducing the entrained air content in the pulping process. The unique formulation also consists of antifoam and wash-aid additives, which enables NPC DF 330 to be very effective even at lower dosages and facilitates smoother washing operation resulting higher production. Due to lower dosages, NPC DF 330 leaves no residue in the pipes, valves and screens of the Equipment used. Safety precautions: A Material Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information relative to this product is available upon request. Packaging information: NPC DF 330 is available in 50 Kg/200kg HDPE Drums. Storage: For best results recommended consuming the product NPC DF 330 within Three months after the supply. However when appropriately stored as mentioned in MSDS the product can be effectively used for 6 months to one year. In such case the product should be mixed well within the container by shaking/rolling the drums well on the floor to make the product homogeneous. Remarks: If you need assistance or more information on this product, please call your nearest Nnoweta representative. For more news about Company, visit our website at


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