Many people wonder whether to have a city life or take the option of country side.

There are a number of pros and cons in choosing either of the lifestyle in whichever setting one settles for. For one to make a perfect decision, it is advisable to make careful examination of each and every aspect. The main problems that affects those in the middle of making the decision over where to settle is, the where to find quality life. In either of the chosen lifestyle, people will look for proper medical health care, good quality education and available and cheap transport. Arguably the city is full of pollution regardless of location one is at.

The streets, the financial district that is full of activities or the congested lawn of hefty parks are all affected. The worry about pollution is compromising one’s future health conditions. In relation to Howard (41), people would argue that in the country side, the pollution is scarce due to fewer industries, less vehicles and not as much of population densities as the cities. There is plenty of fresh air due to promotion of plant life, good looking scenes of gently sloping evergreen hills and an atmosphere free from smog and smoke. The other reason in based on children education.

There are small sized classes having fewer children population especially in the early childhood education system and this translates to better teacher to child ratio. This is the reason why most parents would prefer education in the country side other than the large cities. The allocation of resources to the schools by the government remains almost equal and this indicates that the small class sizes enjoy large budgets as opposed to their counterparts in large cities who are often plagued with overpopulated classes in schools packed in small spaces of the city.

The poor education can also be based on the poor payment of the teacher who receives little or no pay allowances as opposed to their counterparts in the rural setting who enjoy hardship, housing and other allowances. In the city setting, the transportation is available and very accessible the public transport systems comprising of the trains through subways, ferries and central business district busses are cheap, easy to find and thus moving around city becomes easy. Material life is not present in apartment living of downtown area only; the country side living also provides good life. Today the countryside provides a variety of options including twenty-four hours shopping options with a wide range of commodities just as city life would.

One defect of the city life at night is lack of quiet time. Lack of peaceful life is the norm of the downtown lifestyle. Being stuck in traffic jams is the normal scenarios of the city infrastructures. People living in the countryside are associated with simple lifestyle. They wake up and retire to bed early on a slower pace.

Lack of proper material life does not necessarily imply bad environment. People in the countryside are more polite and full of passion. They treat their visitors with in a friendly and kind manner. On a study for the middle class residential areas, the character of social life is the biggest difference between uptown and downtown.

Although some aspects have occasionally received strong and negative criticism, the urban sociology remains to be one of the fundamental propositions that distinguish the suburbs and the central cities. According to Hankins (Vol 30, issue 1), the suburbs are the links between the urban and rural communities and are as a paradise made of secure institutions. The question most people will want answers for include whether the differences between country side life and life in the apartments of the downtown areas are dependent casual variables or they only casually reflect the renowned distinctions among social classes, family status, ethnical groups who opt for the cities because of their living status such as housing units or ego. There have been suggestions over the status issues but the final verdict over apartment living in downtown area or the country side living depends on how one weighs various differences between the two scenarios.

Both of these settings have defects and merits.

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