Antonio Vivaldi is one the world’s most famous baroque composers that has made a mark in history. Antonio Vivaldi was born on March 4, 1678 in Venice, Italy. Vivaldi composed his music in the Baroque Period with other composers such as Bach and Handel. Vivaldi played many instruments such as violin, bassoon, cello, oboe, and flute.

Vivaldi’s main instrument, however, was the violin. Vivaldi’s father, Giovanni Battista, who was a professional violinist taught Vivaldi how to play. Vivaldi had many well-known pieces such as The Four Seasons, La Constanza Trionfante, Farnace, Orlando Furioso, and Ottone in Villa. His most famous piece is The Four Seasons. The Four Season has four separate parts to it.

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The first part is Spring. The instruments in all four parts of the piece are very similar. These instruments are violins, cellos, violas, bass, and many others. The tempo of the Spring part is consistently fast throughout the piece.

There is one part during the piece when the whole dynamic changes and it instantly becomes a slower and lighter song.  Overall, the Spring part is one of the louder and faster pieces. The second part is Summer.

The tempo in the beginning is very slow, but strong, As the piece continues, it speeds up. In the beginning it is very light, but then becomes very strong. It slows down once again and builds until it is back at a very fast pace.

Overall, the Summer piece is very similar to the Spring piece because of its tempo, but it is different because of how its tempo builds and then dies down again. The third part is Autumn. This piece is very similar to Summer because of how the tempo varies throughout the piece. Overall, this piece was very similar to Spring and Summer because of the variety and how there is one part where it all slows down, but it was somewhat different because of how much the volume varied throughout the piece. The last part is Winter.

This piece was one of the most suspenseful pieces based on how the tempo and the volume grew and then finally hit the destination of being very fast and loud and then occasionally slowing down.  Overall, this piece was very different to all of the other parts, but it still had the same feel that the others did. Overall, I enjoyed this part and the other three parts that made up this wonderful piece of music.Vivaldi became involved in music because he grew up with a professional violinist as a father. At age 25, he was named master of violin at Ospedale della Pietà in Venice. He composed many of his famous works there. The Ospedale was an institution where orphans received instruction.

Boys in trades and the girls in music. The most talented musicians joined the orchestra where they played Vivaldi’s compositions. In 1716, he was promoted to the music director. He also took positions by patrons in Mantua and Rome. Vivaldi traveled many places for his work such as Rome, Mantua, and Austria. During Vivaldi’s life there were many events taking place.

These events included the nine year war ending, King Louis XV was royalty, and the death of Charles VI. Vivaldi died on July 28, 1741. The cause of death was unknown, but many believe he died of internal infection.In the end, Vivaldi’s life was very meaningful and made an impact in history.


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