Answer Q (1):

Through my reading of the case where I understand that
Isabelle was researching the administrators and how to deal with the pressure
of the administrators, where her research was concerned with the managers and
became increasingly aware of the different ways of research where she used the
qualitative method and make critical decisions of scientific importance where
it was difficult to Researchers have criticized the scholars at the meeting or
others for being less of them in resolving the subject or less difficult to
deal with. The approach also stated that qualitative approaches are more
hygienic and meaningful in research of the nature of administrators indicating
that sociologists are less strict and systematic than administrators.

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Answer Q(2):

the preparation of the research, Isabel gained a lot of
developments and skills and most importantly interviewing people or family
members where she conducted a lot of interviews and depth of a strong approach
and used very different and accurate data before meeting with the supervisor
and talked about work pressures and how to deal with them focused on developing
more ethical aspects than How can I increase and develop and where I took into
account that the results are not always positive but several times may be
negative Isabelle has learned at the event that such interviews may require a
lot of maturity due to ethical and methodological issues and also know when
interviews with someone should The fact that deserve the interview, but not
interesting to know and be more positive.

Answer Q(3):

One of the problems that Isabelle faced is the complicated
things that managers reach by pressing them to work where they lead to problems
and there are administrators who are reluctant to change the subject further,
which leads to changing the interview with other administrators. This leads to
a longer interview and effort. The more difficult it takes to take a longer
time and must come with a questionnaire with a qualitative research rating.



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