Another day out for our brunch. I like to believe we are bringers of fun, one of the only things left that lighten the mood even slightly, with the boiling feud of the Capulets and Montagues going on.

“Benvolio, where’s Romeo?” “Seems as though he is, once again, sulking like a child because of Rosaline.” Ah, Romeo, always such a hopeless romantic. Sometimes it’s hard to tolerate all his talk of “true love.” I for one, don’t believe in such an idea. I believe we should have fun with what time we have. “A fool he is, believing in his so called “love,” How much would you wager that he’ll find another girl to sulk over in the blink of an eye?” Benvolio is, unlike me, an honest and kind soul, but at least he doesn’t torment me with talks of love.

“Any wager against it would be a losing bet.” Smart, too. I think it’s about time to venture around town, wouldn’t want to miss anything interesting, “You fellows have any ideas where to-” Seems a fellow clad in the Montague colors is running over to deliver a message to my friends, “Sorry to interrupt, but Lord Montague has called for us, it concerns the Capulets.” Curse these families feud! A simple misunderstanding raised to unnecessary degrees by the madmen in charge of these families. This accursed feud is dragging down the whole town as well. It’s created an air of animosity in every corner of Verona.

Pity I have for my relative, the Prince, having to deal with it. “Apologies, Mercutio, but we have to leave.” “Remember to tell that Uncle of yours to resolve this conflict. A tragedy is sure to occur sooner or later, mark my words.” There they go, and along with them any chance of fun this afternoon. I suppose I’ll just go to Siena, a tavern in Verona. Another one of the things that helps with the mood around town. A place to drink all your problems away, not to mention the few fair maidens that occasionally come by that are a joy to the eye.

As soon as I enter, I take a seat and order a drink. As soon as I enter, I take a seat and order a drink. I like to believe that Ale is the true medicine, as it solves any problem you have, although it does tend to bring more problems afterwards, so I suppose it isn’t.


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