another image covers the wall isthe martyred mother, carrying her son who is killed by the Israeli guns.               The separation wall becomes a meansto communicate the experience of occupation and a stage to ask for peace. Theartists frame their issues to put pressure over their governments,international politics and organizations; and this does not mean that the Palestiniansare against their own government, yet, they are against the occupational forcewhich reaches their government. Many artists frame their point of view aboutthe occupation by highlighting the absence of the basic human rights, otherartists took the issue farther to draw the relationship between USA and Israeland to show the role that the USA plays in providing aids to Israel, where thispart on the wall which describes the USA ties with Israel was called “theAmericanization of the Wall” a term first used by Hanauer. Personally, Icompletely disagree with Hanauer that the presence of somepaintings about America on the wall makes it American. Tragically enough someAmerican organizations drew actually on the wall, for example USAID; that putsthe Palestinians in confusion, how comes that the hand which kills us is thesame hand which resists with us. And even they helped to provide logisticalsupportfor constructing the wall, so, many paintings on the wall come to question theAmerican actions rather than Israeli actions.

They use their space” thewall” for resistance and defying the Israeli power more than presentingtheir victimization. For example there are paintings which show the dollar signand are written over them, made in USA; such pictures represent the targetedaudience who is the American population for support and better understanding.Believing in the justice of the Palestiniancause, many transnational activists and artists took part in the resistanceprocess, so it becomes difficult to distinguish between local Palestinians’images and the international artists, Bansky, whose works have been identifiedand appreciated by the western and the Palestinian audience as well, is a goodexample on the international artists who shed the light over the Palestiniancase. Yet, Bansky’s art over the separation wall becomes the focus from theinternational press and the Western artists and unfortunately they forget themeaning behind this wall which is a racist and an occupational plan.

 As a well- known graffiti artist, he drew nineimages on the racist wall during his trip to Jerusalem in 2005, his aim was tostress the idea of racism behind this wall and to highlight its function, heexplained “turning Palestine into the world’s largest open-airprison” (Parry. 2005). In one of his painting, he drew a simple thin girlholding 


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