It seen that we are taking nature into our own hands by cloning animals or people. ”Hairs on necks still bristle when human cloning is mentioned. It stirs up feelings that scientists are going too far in “meddling with Nature” or that they are cheapening human life. Many religious groups also harbour specific objections because of cloning’s dependence on human embryos.” (New Scientist 2000) Many people think that when we will draw the line for getting in natural events and also they consider cloning unnatural because we they taking the work of God into our own hands.

They also believe that cloning does not respect the fact that humans have souls. Some people say that their rights will be defied because clones are not natural birth of a new child. We would not receive clones with such as excitement as a child of a couple that conceived naturally. Most people wonder what mental and emotional problems would result if a clone were to find out that he or she was cloned. Discussion It can be seen that there are several arguments for and against human cloning. There are always good and bad things about every situation because everyone has different opinions.This may be a expensive method to use because below it shows a price list of what various reproductive alternatives cost: ” IVF – $10,000-12,000 Donor egg – $ 5,000 Surrogate mother – $45,000 Cloning – $ 100,000 ” (D.

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C.Wertz) I think only certain people will be able to afford it. Only a few people want to use cloning to make copies of people, and such uses should be banned where they’re not already. But several researchers see a lot of potential in human cloning because it will help patient with disease like Parkinson’s disease.The latest news from the Roslin is likely to be seized on with relief.

Scientists are there to believe that therapeutic cloning could be done without destroying human eggs or embryos. They are trying to create stem cells directly by adding the nucleus of an adult cell to embryonic stem cells. ”This would remove many of the ethical objections to cloning-though not all of them. Researchers would still need to use stem cells, copied from embryos. Such cells, however, are now growing in the lab, so few, if any, embryos would need to be destroyed to obtain more of them.

”(New Scientist 2000)ConclusionMy view on human cloning is if we were to attempt to clone using nuclear transfer only once, and that it was going to be successful. Even if it proves to be successful you cannot be sure how long the child will live because the clones might look young but they would really be old-new-born baby clone would have DNA that was an old as DNA of the adult whose cells were used to create the clone. I also believe that this technology should not be used until successful.I think if we were to cloning it should be closely monitored as to what dangers are involved in having copies of people. There should be no cloning on anyone unless it does not harm anyone or anything physically or mentally. I see cloning as good ideas, but I do not think it should be used to reproduce humans though. Cloning tissue and organs is a good idea for science and medicine because there is always a demand for organ.BibliographyBooks Science world’ Cloning good for science or Baaad idea? Vol 53 Pg 8,11,14 Clone The road to dolly and the path ahead Gina Kolata 1997 pg 3,9,203 Internet: Journals: Andy Coghlan: The way ahead ” It is time to stop arguing and start cloning?” 29 Jan 2000 New Scientists Andy Coghlan: Back to source: 19 Aug 2000 New Scientist


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