Of late, there has been a significant change in the populations of various species of animals. The number of species that was there a century ago is very different from what is there today. This number is changing at an alarming rate, an issue that is drawing the attention of many people around the globe.

The affected species, the causes of the change, as well as the possible criterion of arresting the situation, forms the subject of their discussion. Animal extinction is generally the termination of the life of the final individual of a certain species. This is the time when there is no more existence of the species. “Extinction, though is usually a natural phenomenon, it is estimated that 99.9% of all the species that have ever lived are now extinct.

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” (Newman, 1994). The dinosaurs serve as a living example of a species that existed a few centuries ago but is completely nowhere today. The causes of extinction vary depending on the species. Inability to reproduce, which serves as the root precursor behind the extinction of a species is thought to come because of deteriorated health, old-age, absence of one animal of the opposite sex, scarce population of the animals, among others. There exist quite a number of causes of animal extinction, some of which are undetectable, complicated, while others are easily identifiable. “Just as each species is unique…so is each, extinction…the causes of each are varied…” (Beverly & Stearns, 2000). Human activities play a key role in fuelling the disappearance of any species.

For instance, the increasing global human population has chased away a large number of animals, as people create settlement areas. It is not news that others end up killing them in their attempts to make settlement areas. In addition, the transfer of animals into new places, game parks/reserves, has also sped animal extinction. Some turn to be predators and food competitors of the others, a case that reduces the number of the affected. As this continues, the species might end. Over hunting, among others, are accountable as well. A number of things are in place to help curb the situation.

A lot of money has been raised to cater for advertisement expenses. These advertisements are purely addressing the issue of animal extinction. They let people know the reasons behind animal preservation, showing the critically affected animals, as well as the effect of the absence of those species on the entire food chain, in which man is major consumer, relying entirely on the rest.

Due to the increased deforestation, Ehrlich (1991) posits that stern actions have been introduced against any, found interfering with the habitats of animals. This includes jailing accompanied by a heavy fine. People have protested this issue outside offices of the relevant departments that deal with animals.

This has enlightened the need for urgency in their establishing of the necessary steps worthy taking, to help rescue the affected species. The agencies that deal with animal protection are highly funded today to help them employ more people who protect these animals on a daily basis. In conclusion, animal extinction is a sensitive issue that needs to be addressed to all people. This follows from what has been realized of late that, failure to this, human species is not far from suffering the consequences. As a result, measures ought to be taken, early in advance, to help prevent, rather than curing.

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