“Angelica’s enemy was the silence. She always described it as the darkness of the unknown, tearing her to shreds. It had a way of constraining her, forcing her to find her way back to solitude.

She would always say that her soul ‘mirrored the broken moonlight softly illuminating the dark path ahead’.”My voice became unsteady, breaking slightly as I confessed, “Things had changed so drastically. She attacked me, blamed me for all the wrong doings in her life. I didn’t know what to do.” He sat opposite me, his dark-rimmed police hat casting shadows on his eyes.

The way they meticulously flicked back and forth, from me to his file, didn’t help my escalating levels of paranoia.  Detective Whitley-or whatever he called himself, knew something.The detective’s covert disposition had me questioning whether keeping up my façade truly was a good idea. My eyes started to dampen as memories of the night before flooded my mind once again.Head in hands, I rocked back and forth on the chair.

Within the lapse of twenty four hours, my world had been irrevocably turned upside down. Every nerve in my body burned with contempt.”If my life hadn’t been on the line, I would never have been able to… to kill her.” A sob racked my lungs. Detective Whitley nodded solemnly. He then shuffled the several sheets of paper in his hands before looking up again, “Tell me about your friendship with Angelica.”A slap of bitterness washed through me, “She was this… this humble character with everything she’d ever wanted going for her,”I paused; Angelica’s image was still etched into my retinas.

Her earnest grin and dark hair cascading down in ripples of mahogany were the two most striking features I’d seen in a person, but she would not be missed.”…But she was also manipulative. She had everyone wrapped around her little finger, believing the illusion that she was some ethereal being with no flaws.”The words tiredly tumbled out of my mouth as I lifted my gaze to meet the detective’s eyes.

“Angelica was cold; it was her undermining quality. That’s how she’d do it: she’d make you so accustomed to the cold that you wouldn’t know how to react when you were treated with warmth. Best friend or not, she was trouble.”The detective nodded solemnly; a pained expression crossed his features.I refrained from letting a smirk creep onto my face. He believed them- the lies I had so blatantly fed him.

Angelica had been one of the most genuine people I had met during my little getaway escapades. She had taken me, a stranger, into her house. Through her, I had built a watertight reputation of myself: one where I played the role of the benevolent best friend who was trying to help Angelica learn that hope would sanctify her soul, giving her the ‘redemption’ she needed. Reposed, I shut my eyes, letting myself relive the vivid memories that had ingrained themselves into my mind. My eyes darted around the room before finally resting on the limp figure in front of me. “Gelica,” I whispered, taking in her enervated appearance as she lay weakly at my feet. She was a mess, most likely drowning in an overflowing sea of unfinished questions.

 Angelica’s pallid face was streaked with dirt as she gazed up at me, her doe-like eyes pleading as I knelt down next to her. “You always said you preferred honest friends.” I trailed off, staring at her dark hair matted with blood, “So, if I had to be honest with you right now, your hair’s a mess.

” Angelica’s eyebrows furrowed as she kept her eyes on me, blinking back tears.”You meant a lot to me.” The words leaving my mouth were shards of ice, a pungent blast of bitterness, as pain washed over her face.My blade pierced her tender heart with just one simple nudge.

Angelica writhed, muffled sobs escaping her rose petal lips as she desperately struggled for air to no avail.An overwhelming sense of remorse bruised my heart, tearing it apart piece by piece, muscle by muscle, tissue by tissue. I knew I had done something bad.Cradling my legs, I rocked back and forth, trying to make sense of the events that had unfolded. Here I was, reassuring myself that everything would be okay, while surrounded by a pool of my best friend’s blood.

Things had turned out so differently to how I had planned. It wasn’t supposed to be some flowery goodbye. Angelica was meant to be met with torture, maybe even for a few days.  Her death had been too quick, too simple. Nothing had turned out right.”Maybe the next kill will be better.” I grinned.I may have been guilty, but I wasn’t sorry.


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