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Mrs. Heather Taylor

Recruiting Department

2485 Broadway

Vancouver, BC V7K 2E8


Dear Mrs. Taylor:

Marketing Coordinator Position

With the two years’ experience of running my start-up business (BlackHill Vapors) and creating my personal eliquid brand, I am confident that I am an excellent fit for the Marketing Coordinator position at Executive Hotels & Resorts. The marketing and branding experience I have gained while managing BlackHill Vapors – established 2016 – will allow me to integrate well into this position. Also, I am enriching my marketing and branding skills by being enrolled in the Marketing Management diploma program at BCIT  Sept 2017-(May 2019).

While managing my company, I implemented a marketing plan that resulted in sales increasing by more than 50% in the vape shops my products are carried in. Managing BlackHill has taught me to work with a broad category of people and learn to adapt to many different personality styles and business practices.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I am always ready to learn about new topics and take on new work. In starting my company, I ran all aspects of the business from graphic design, web development, social media marketing, connecting with manufactures and SEO. For a more detailed description of my skills and accomplishments, please refer to my resume. I would love to bring my passion and drive to your organization.

I will provide you samples of my work and customer testimonials, for your reference, when you contact me at 778-319-8973 or [email protected] I look forward to meeting with you and discussing what I can bring to Executive Hotel Resorts in more detail.


Andrew Tarovyk


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