“Anarchists Against Terrorism” from http://flag.blackened.net/noterror/. In this site, there is criticism of terrorist methods that are common with anarchists as a means of meeting their political aspirations. The most contradictory thing is that this website is owned and run by anarchists. As such, the site seeks to “defend” anarchism by claiming that anarchists are not terrorists and instead the state is responsible for terrorist acts. The site acknowledges that anarchism has been associated with violence and therefore the site is meant to enlighten both anarchists and the public on this misconception.

The author of this site has gone ahead to cite ways in which propaganda has been spread associating anarchism with terrorism. For instance, it has been cited that the relatedness of anarchy and terrorism has been propagated by the media and schools among other ways. “Black InterNationalism” is available at http://afgen.com/nationalism.html. This site is dedicated to addressing the issue of Black Nationalism. In essence, the author of the site contends a common misunderstanding that Black Nationalism is a disguised way of enhancing Black supremacy.

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As such, the objective is to distance Black Nationalism with other forms of nationalism that have been characterized by oppression and humiliation of others. To show that the aspect of Black nationalism is to acknowledge the African identity in all aspects, various highlights on prominent Black Nationalists such as Martin Luther King Jr. Marcus Garvey and Henry M. Turner among others have been provided. To assert the need for promoting Black Nationalism, the authors of this site mention the case of Sanger who sought to engineer human beings genetically in 1939 as a way of eliminating the Negroes among other groups of people such as religious leaders. In short, the site seeks to enlighten the Blacks on their achievements and putting an air of pride on being Africans. “Feminism and Women’s Studies” is available at http://feminism.eserver.

org/ and the site is dedicated to promoting the female gender on issues such as gender, women’s health, women’s studies and feminism activism among other topics. From this site, one can be able to connect with the aspect of feminism and how this is being utilized in the world to impact the world through various ways. One can also be able to connect to other websites that address the field of feminism especially the study of feminism. These include links to university program that are helpful in understanding the topic. Women’s studies have been particularly highlighted from a historical point of view to the modern aspects of feminism in the workplace and the society at large. This site is undoubtedly all about women and their welfare. The best site in terms of presenting its position is the Black Internationalism site. This is because the site candidly shows the need to appreciate all humans regardless of their race.

Though named as Black Internationalism site, the site has not only highlighted the plights of Africans but also those of other nationalities such as the Hispanics. Every claim made in support of Black Nationalism has been supported by evidence and of the need to promote Black nationalism. For instance, the idea of combating “planned parenthood” has been linked Sanger’s case of 1939 where he intended to eliminate the “inferior” races. Finally, this site acts as a celebration of men and women who have traded their lives for the equality of human race as portrayed by the citing of most nationalist activists who ever existed.


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