Ana Holzbach Mrs. LaJoeEnglish 129 January 2018Cruelness Right?   Estella and Miss Havisham throughout the story had a lot of downs. However, they are not close to each other because all they do is yell at each other.

Estella is the only child of Molly and Abel Magwitch. Miss. Havisham had adopted Estella only because to get revenge on men. Miss. Havisham wanted to make Estella strong so she could not have emotions for love or heartbreak.

Miss. Havisham and Estella never had a good life because something was holding Estella back from going out into the real world and finding true love but Miss. Havisham was getting in Estella’s way of being free to do what she wants, not to be forced not to love others and be cold- hearted towards others. In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Miss. Havisham trained Estella into being a cruel cold hearted young lady that has potential to become a nice wife for a man someday but Miss.

Havisham is holding her back and not letting her explore the real world. Miss Havisham over the years has trained Estella into becoming cold hearted but beautiful and Pip knew that from the start. Even though Estella is Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter she has made Estella into a demon to not love men. There was something about Miss Havisham that Pip couldn’t figure out.  ” She came back, with some bread and meat and a little mug of beer. She put the mug down on the stones of the yard, and gave me the bread and meat without looking at me, as insolently as if I were a dog in disgrace.

” (Dickens 108)  This goes to show how Estella treated young boys and how Miss Havisham uses Estella to get revenge on boys. Because of Miss Havisham she made beautiful Estella into a mean and fiesty girl. Estella tells Pip that she doesn’t have a heart because she does have emotions for some people throughout the story. “I am what you have made me.

Take all the praise, take all the blame; take all the success, take all the failure, in short, take me.” (282) Estella is blaming Miss Havisham in this tone of voice because she is very embarrassed for how she was acting towards Pip. And at this point in the story Miss Havisham now thinks that Estella is thankless because she won’t write letters or even talk to her anymore because she is finally starting to figure out what is going on.

At this point, Miss Havisham is very confused on what is going on with Estella, her head is spinning because she is wondering what snapped in Estella’s head to make her act the way she is. Estella knows she can love and have emotions for others but with Miss Havisham in the way it is nearly impossible to say, “I don’t want to be mean and cold hearted!” kind of thing. “You stock and stone! You cold, cold heart.” (541) Estella was confused on what is going on with Miss Havisham. In all, Estella has an attitude towards the rude Miss Havisham; now she thinks Estella is betraying her at this point in the story.

Estella was concerned because she never saw her adoptive mother be so mad and raising her voice. “Did I never give her love!” (542) Estella at this point in the story is done with her adoptive mother Miss Havisham because all Estella did for a long time just sat on a stool getting taught by Miss Havisham. Now it gets real when Estella finds out that Miss Havisham was teaching her false teachings and how Estella was sometimes disrespectful to Miss Havisham. Estella needs to be just to Miss Havisham. When time has passed more, Estella was close to going away from Miss Havisham and going out in the world and explore what’s really out there. Pip found Estella sitting near Miss Havisham. However, Miss Havisham’s attitude towards Estella did not change at all. “I must be taken as I have been made.

” (545) In addition to Estella not respecting Miss Havisham, she is quite upset at Estella and shows her love. This is when Estella finds out who she is meant to be. She is blaming this all on Miss Havisham.

Only reason why Miss Havisham is doing this is because she was dumped on her wedding day and ever since that day she hated boys so she raised a daughter to become someone who has no feelings towards people which could affect her in the future if she decides to go out in the world and explore. “At least I was no party to the compact.” (542) When Miss Havisham raised her adoptive daughter Estella, she had bought some nice things like jewelry and Estella does not know that Miss Havisham is looking for something in return. Some days Miss Havisham wanted to make it up to Estella but Estella did not want to believe it. She knew Estella would like it and she did but she did not get anything back in return which is sad.

Estella should say sorry for this but she has reasons for not saying sorry. In the past she has been abused by Miss Havisham and so now in the story she would start to ignore her letters because she knew what was going on so she stopped. Sometimes in our lives we can make mistakes that could change things forever. Because if Miss Havisham wasn’t so mean and heartless like she raised Estella, Pip and Estella would be together. Pip knew what was going on with Miss Havisham and Estella the whole time, he wanted to help Estella but Miss Havisham wouldn’t let him near her sometimes throughout the story because she did not want Estella to change or become an enemy of her and wanted to make her like herself and Estella would not like it at all.


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