An Amazing ExpeditionIntroduction:  In what you’re going to read are facts about two explorers and their journey  and some other interesting stuff in my opinion. Before they thought there was northwest passage for a ship route the Arctic coast of Canada and Alaska joining the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  “Faith dare the soul to go further than it can see”-William clark    The beginning: On the day june 20,1803 Thomas jefferson sent Lewis to lead an expedition.  Lewis agreed and decided to take Clark, The expedition lead from Mississippi to the west coast.  On their journey they opened a fur trade,, they also studied more about american indians, the west, and animals.The expedition was called ´´Corps Of Discovery”.  Thomas Jefferson did not try to hide the expedition from other countries.One of their objectives was to explore unknown territory and finding a waterway to the US to the Pacific Ocean.

“Ocean in view! O! The joy!”-William ClarkThe expedition: On the expedition ride there were 14 soldiers, a volunteer from kentucky, clarks slaves, two french rivermen , an interpreter, lewis’s dog.The expedition was from May 1804 to September 1806.  The spanish sent soldiers to arrest the expedition ” As we passed on, it seemed those scenes of visionary enchantment would never have to end” – Meriwether LewisDiscovery:On the expedition Lewis and Clark discovered pronghorn,antelopes,bighorn sheep,mountain beaver, white weasel, mountain goat, coyote and various species of rabbit and more.

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 Lewis and Clark believed the expedition might encounter woolly mammoth.  Also some animals were new to Lewis and clark including the grizzly bear, and the prairie dog”We had a great many horses, of which we gave Lewis and Clark what they needed, and they gave us guns and tobacco in return”-Chief Joseph Sacagawea:Sacagawea was the daughter of chief of the shoshone born in 1788.  She was captured by an enemy tribe and sold to a French-canadian trapper who made her his wife.  In 1804 she was invited to Lewis and clark expedition as a shoshone interpreter.  She gave birth to a son named Jean Baptiste In February 1805.

She was skilled of finding edible plants.  When they came upon a Shoshone tribe Sacagawea soon realized that the leader was her brother. ” Amazing things you find if you bother searching for them”- Sacagawea


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