An example of underprivilegedcommunities is the Latinex and undocumented immigrants who are frequent targetsof discrimination because of their numerous differences. Many immigrants havefled their native country for various motives such as escaping from war,domestic violence, to achieve the American dream and access higher education.The population of undocumented immigrants has been accumulating throughout theyears. Allegedly in 2007, there were around twelve million undocumentedimmigrants in which a majority of the population was of Latinex background (ascited Cobb, C. al., 2017). An undocumented immigrant goes throughacculturation which means to discount characteristics of their native ethnicitynot entirely but also adapt to a new culture (as cited Cobb, C.

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order now al.,2017). Acculturation allows immigrants to integrate themselves into the largersociety. It may also be a factor as to why they are repeatedly discriminatedagainst since their appearance, values, and customs are distinct from what isregarded as “normal.” The study emphasizes that previous inquirieshave been concentrated on the forms of acculturation meaning that culture relatesto values and individuals your surround yourself with (as cited Cobb, C. L.etal.

, 2017). Culture is the main factor in how Latinex and immigrant communitiesidentify themselves uniquely which is a leading cause as to why they arevictims of mistreatment. Culture identity correlates to acculturation as itindicates that one is following ideals from their native group known as theethnic identity and there is also the national identity that is when a personis genuinely confined to a foreign countries perception (as cited Cobb, C.

L.etal., 2017). Understanding these forms of culture accentuates that this has aninfluence on discrimination. It is striking to realize that bias is present inour lives because human beings feel threated by people based on how distinctthey look or their ideals that do not center around their own.


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