An employment portfolio is an organized collection of different documentsthat demonstrates one’s work history, skills, and different talents. There aremany benefits for someone to have an employment portfolio, for example, itcan be extremely helpful if there is a job that one desires to receive, andyou need to have many certifications and you also need to have much workexperience in that field. Well an employment portfolio will help you becauseinstead of you having to go look for all that information and make manyphone calls, having an employment portfolio will help you to already haveall the information that will be needed. It will help me when I will be lookingfor a job in the technical field, and I will have all of the necessarydocuments organized.A resume is a document that is extremely useful when applying for a jobor, in some cases, for a higher position. It has your background, skills, andprevious work experience. It is in a way a summary of all of your work thatyou have done in the past years, since you have begun working. It alsostates the qualifications that you have which will help your future boss seeall of your qualifications and make a concise decision as if to hire you ornot.

The resume will allow the interviewer to see more clearly all of myexperience and be able to clearly tell me how to improve in that field.A character reference letter is a letter of reference given by someone whocan truthfully talk about your personality and character. It can be writtenby a former employer, teacher, acquaintance, family friend, mentor, etc.The purpose of the letter is so that a future employer will see your qualitiesand how others think about you before deciding to hire you. But the mainpurpose of the letter is so that the employer can know what kind of abilitiesyou have and how are your people skills, this will help the employer to see ifadding you to the company will be a great asset to them. This letter willbenefit the employer greatly to see if I would be a great asset to thecompany and how I would be able to work with others, if necessary.In conclusion, an employment portfolio is simply documents that are wellorganized in a binder that help you find great jobs.

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A resume is just relatingyour past working experiences so that the employer can have the


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