An attack model describes the prior-knowledge a couple of system and therefore the potential
attacks that will occur within. Moreover, a number of them
take under consideration dynamic info like alerts
or logs, to contain the position of in progress attacks. Thus, the attack models are notably fascinating to compute
responses that are either
remediations (security measures permitting to cut back a possible risk) or counter-measures
(security measures permitting to cut back associate occurring attack).

Remediations associated countermeasures to
an attack will
be classified in various categories:
corrective, active and passive. The
single way
to extremely correct vulnerability is to use a patch, a piece of software
fixing the vulnerability. If such correction to vulnerability can not be applied, security operators will select to apply automatic time period responses dynamic the probability or the implications of the
exploitation of the vulnerability. Time
period response
to intrusion could
be a major analysis topic, that’s why, since 1996, there are plenty of papers on this subject and totally different approaches exist. As per the number of responses provided by a
system, totally
different names will be found in the literature
SSEJJ12: (1) Intrusion Detection System (IDS), for a system that exclusively provides passive reactions
(alerts, reports, logs…),
 (2) Intrusion interruption System (IPS), for a system that conjointly provides a capability to
filter infected flows, (3) Intrusion Reaction System (IRS), more generally, to
a system that
has alternative forms of reactions to associate intrusion. In this chapter we have a tendency to contribution to modern models  reaction to computation supported attack models. so as to try to to that, we have a tendency to initial contribution the three main forms of reactions: corrective,
passive or active reactions. Then, we
have a tendency to survey
the techniques to calculate attainable reactions to stop attacks wishing on attack models. Finally, we have a tendency to study the standards and metrics that may be adapted choose a reaction
among many candidates. we have a tendency to use this state of the art of reaction
computation using attack models in chapter 3.

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