Among the most renowned names in luxury cars is the Bentleybrand. Since its inception in the early 1900s, the brand has extended itsborders beyond London England, to become one of the most desired cars in itsclass. The newest release from the Bentley motor line comes in the form of theBentley Continental Supersports Convertible. The new motor car has received numerousreviews and lauded among the fastest and most superb Bentley in its class. The new Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible has anumber of features that has lent to it being so popular on the market. Amongthe most renowned features is the All-Wheel Drive, 500 @6000 horsepower and theeight (8) speed automatic with manual mode.

The car offers luxury performanceand is designed with 4/4 seating capacity and boasts a V8 Turbo 4.0 literengine. The new Bentley convertible is designed to use unleaded premium and 15city/ 25 Hwy with standard MPG.

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Owners of the motor car will also be able toenjoy LED lights, airbags, front fog lights, parking assistance, stabilitycontrol and valet parking key.The purpose of this book is to explore the features of thenew Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible. The features and how theyenhance the overall function of the vehicle will be introduced with a view ofmaximizing the performance and use of the vehicle.          1.      Standard Purchase Price Sports car enthusiasts are able to purchasethe new Bentley Continental for a MSRP of approximately £233,800.00 or$198,500.

00. Owners are able to also customize their cars; attractingadditional costs based on the features and designs requested.  2.      DimensionsThe size of the Bentley ContinentalSupersports Convertible is comparable to most modern day cars in its class. Ithas a length of 189.7 inches or approximately 4818 millimeters and an estimatedwidth of 87.6 inches or 2226 millimeters. When the windows are folded in thewidth of the car is 76.

7 inches or approximately 1947 millimeters. The Bentleyconvertible also has an estimated height of 54.7 inches or approximately 1390millimeters.  3.      WeightAs with other vehicles its class, theBentley is built with mass to maximize durability and stability while inmotion. The kerb weight measures in a t 5412 pounds or approximately 2455kilograms, while the complete vehicle mass is 6393 pounds or 2900 kilograms.The boot volume is 9.1 cubic feet or approximately 260 litres.

 4.      Seating Capacity The new convertible is designed tocomfortably accommodate approximately four (4) full-bodied persons.  5.      Engine Capacity The luxury is designed to offer maximizedpower to users behind the wheel. To enable this feature to be maximized, thecar boasts a 5998 cc engine. The engine produces 710PS and 1017 Nm of torqueand is a 6 litre twin-turbo charged machine.  6.      Exterior Details Individuals purchasing the new Bentleyconvertible are able to make modifications to the external appearance of thevehicle.

The exterior modifications can include side decals, carbon-fiberpanels to the side of the car as well as gloss door mirrors. Vehicle vendorscan also opt to include lightweight forged sports wheels and the newly brandedcarbon-fiber engine cover.  7.      Paint Specialists The Bentley convertible can be painted inspecialized colors as desired. This personalized option enables vehicle vendorsto submit preferred colors option on whatever mode; swatches, cloth or paperand have the color perfected matched and recreated for application on the car.  8.      Color Options The new Bentley Continental Supersportsconvertible is currently available in a wealth of color options; include customlooks and designs.

The current color options include St. James Red Pearlescent,Khamun, Magnetic, Ice Hallmark, Spectre and Burnt Orange.    9.      Veneers The car is outfitted with wood veneers.This accessory for the luxury car is hand treated with approximately fivelayers of clear lacquer and cured for a minimum of three (3) days.

The endresult is a refined wood grain finish. Vehicle owners can choose from a numberof veneer options that include Bright Tint Aluminum.  10.  Standard Customization The ability to customize the appearance ofthe Bentley Continental convertible is wide ranging. Prospective owners areable to select from approximately eleven choices of colors and ten veneers. Theveneer options include Bright Tint Aluminum and satin finish carbon fibre.

 11.  Basic Personalization Options Manufacturers of the new BentleyContinental convertible offers  vehicleowners customization packages for items that include Premier specifications,All-weather specification, interior style specifications, Classic specificationsas well as Mulliner Driving specifications.  12.

  Customization Packages In its quest to satisfy the individualityof its varied clients, the Bentley Company offers purchasers of their luxurycars with personalization packages. Outside of the standard customizationoptions, owners can select form a few full custom option. Among thesecustomization packages are the ‘All-seasons Specification’, the ‘PremierSpecification’, the ‘Supersports X specification’ that boasts duo tone paintjob on the exterior and the ‘Supersports X’ with metallic dup tone paintoptions for the car’s bodywork design.  13.

  The Premier Specification The customized package option forpurchasers of the new Bentley Continental Supersports convertible guaranteespersonalization with luxury. This packages includes a rear view camera, valetkey, massage and ventilated seats, a pair of twin-front armrests and the newNaim audio system. Purchasers are also able to request standard featuremodifications such the roof color, exterior color and seat lining and veneers.

 14.  All-Seasons Specification This customized offer is designed tomaximize the comfort of the vehicle, regardless of the climate or environment.This luxury option includes features such as a neck warmer, wind deflector, aheated steering wheel, a multi-layered soft top and powerfully heated seatsthroughout the cab.

 15.  Mulliner Design This luxury accessory is designed toinclude door infill, three-quarter panels that bear the Bentley emblems and agear lever and foot pedals that boast the traditional touring design.  16.  Classic Doors The new convertible also offers modern doordesigns; adding to the elegance of the new vehicle. The design of the door is aBlackline ‘Pack and Black’ incorporation. It conceals the surround soundsystem, while enhancing the classic appearance of the car’s design.   17.  Variable Displacement The engines of the new convertible are alsoequipped with the new variable displacement technology.

This feature of the caris designed to enable a portion of the cylinder to power off during lightthrottling. This allows the engine to perform at heightened efficiency and todeliver the most powerful acceleration. It works ideally as the microprocessorfor the engine detects the gentle throttling and shuts the valves on some ofthe cylinders.  18.  Fuel Type The Bentley Convertible, like most modernday luxury cars, has stipulated fuel types. For this vehicle, users are askedto use only the recommended Unleaded Premium to power the car.    19.  Fuel Tank Capacity The Bentley Continental convertible isdesigned with a large full tank to maximize capacity.

The tank can hold twenty(20) gallons of the recommended fuel or approximately ninety (90) litres.  20.  Lights The car is outfitted with both taillightsand headlights. The car boasts Bi-Xenon headlights that have been tinted to adark shade. These headlights also feature support for a LED main beam. Thetaillights can be found to the rear of the car and is also darkly tinted atproduction.

  21.  Wheels The design of the Bentley ContinentalSupersports convertible also includes custom fit wheels. The wheels thataccompany the luxury edition are twenty-one (21) inch spoke-forged alloywheels. The design of the wheels also includes a diamond and black fixturewhile being rotated.  22.

  Titanium Exhaust Owners of the new convertible will also beable to enjoy a Titanium exhaust. This feature of the car is designed to improvethe power of the engine; particularly while the engine is idling. It is alsodesigned to enhance to overall appearance of the vehicle adding character.

 23.  Hand Cross Stitching- Interior Style The new convertible boasts options for theinterior style which includes hand –cross stitching. Owners will be able toenjoy a Contrast Binding-to-Boot carpet with contrast binding-to-over mats,deep pile carpet over mats for both the front and the rear and hand stitching–to-steering wheel in contrasting color.   24.  Hide Colors-Seat Wraps The leather seats that are incorporatedinto the design of the new convertible can be created from a selection of hidecolors. There are approximately seventeen (17) hide colors along with theoption of combining two colors for design effect. Vehicle owners can opt forcontrasting colors and stitching with contrasting effects on the panels,armrests and the console.

 25.  Seat StylesProspective owners of the new sports carcan also opt to include customized seats. Among the seating styles available toowners is a massage function as well as the option for ventilated, heated and/orquilted seats. The seats can be customized to colors that complement theexterior paint chosen. The standard seat colors are black, red and whiteleather quilted.

 26.  Additional Seat Accessories The seats in the car also offer optionalaccessories for the owners. Among the other features that can be requested asadd-on options for the seats are neck warmers as well as wind deflectors. Purchaserscan also request a ski hatch as an additional feature for the seats.

 27.  Treadplates One unique feature of the car is the incorporationof treadplates into the design. These treadplates are embossed with the term’SUPERSPORTS’; adding a unique touch to the interior of the car.  28.  Steering Wheel Bentley has also incorporated luxury intothe design of the steering wheel for the Continental Supersports Convertible.This feature of the car, boasts the Supersports accent along with an alcantaraand hide trim; for a touch of sophistication.

The steering wheel is alsooutfitted with 3 spokes and single tone.  29.  Ventilation System The Bentley convertible is also outfittedwith a state of the art ventilation system for the front seats. This features,though optional, offers users a direct cooling and silent-hum fan system designedto remove excess heat while keeping the front of the car sufficiently cool.

 30.  Hood-Down System One of the primary features of the BentleyContinental Supersports convertible is the top down option for which it is bestknown. This is linked with the car’s ventilation system to allow the car tomaintain its cool temperature. The process works by using silent fans to pullexcess heat from the backrest of each seat.  31.  Vectoring The Bentley Continental also boasts torquevectoring. This feature of the car is designed to assess the instructions tothe accelerator and steering as well as the brake and wheel acceleration.

It isthen able to gage and direct the power and performance needed for the car tofunction effectively. The Torque vector is also designed to enhance the car’sagility by ‘braking’ the rear wheel during the turning of the wheel.  32.  All-Wheel Drive The all-wheel drive feature of theconvertible is designed to give the vehicle traction; regardless of weather androad conditions.

The feature works by disseminating power to the car’s fourwheels at a ratio of 60:40 in favour of the rear wheels. It enables greatercontrol of the car on arduous roadways. The all-wheel drive feature is combinedwith the enhanced ESC-Electronic Stability Control system. 33.  Torque and Power The Bentley convertible is also designedwith superior power and torque strength. The car boasts maximum power of 700bhp/ 710 PS/ 522 kW at approximately 5900r per mile. The maximum torque featureis 750 pounds-ft/ 1017 Nm at approximately 2000r per mile.

 34.  Electronic Utility Control System This feature of the car works along withthe Torque vectoring for heightened efficiency. The system works by bringingthe traction control, stability control and the antilock brakes together forenhanced performance and agility. The torque vectoring is then able to use the60:40 distributions to enable balance during driving.   35.

  Suspension The car is also outfitted with the highestquality suspension. This feature of the Bentley convertible boasts air springsthat are outfitted with continuous damping control and vectoring by thehigh-end brake system. The suspension is also set up to effectively accommodatethe new electronic height adjustment feature.  36.  Brakes The brakes feature of the car is designedto maximize safety for uses. The braking system is carbon ceramic brakes thatcan be either red black.

 37.  Technology The Bentley Continental Convertible boastsa plethora of modern day technology. Among the pieces of technology to beenjoyed by the vehicle owner are the eight inch high-resolution screen, the newSirius satellite radio and the standard AM/FM radio. Users will also benefitfrom the integration of built-in navigation, heating and suspension gages.   38.  Bluetooth The Bentley Continental Supersportsconvertible car also boasts wireless connectivity in the form of Bluetoothcapabilities.

This function enables smartphones and other smart devices to bepaired with the car for safe and hands-free interactions.   39.  Audible Warnings The Bentley is also designed to emit verbalwarnings to vehicle users during particular navigations.

This audible warningfeature works most efficiently during reverse and parking actions; specifyingthe turns suggested for the best results.  40.  Audio System The car also boasts an eight (8) channelaudio system. This feature of the car also includes an eight (8) speaker audiosystem that is boasts BMR speakers for enhanced projection during play.    41.  Miles Per Hour The car is designed for power as well asperformance.

It boasts approximately 0-62 miles per 3.9 seconds. The car also carriesa maximum speed of 205 miles per hour or approximately 330 kilometers per hour. 42.  Miles Per Gallon The Bentley Continental Supersportsconvertible offers enhanced miles coverage by the gallon. For the standard citydrives within the continental US, the estimated mpg is eleven (11), while thehighway driving mpg comes in at approximately nineteen (19).

The combinedestimated mpg is thirteen (13).  43.  GrillesThe car is also outfitted with two sets ofGrilles. The first is a set of lower bumper grilles that are tinted black andcan be found to the front of the car. The second is a set radiator bumpergriller and matrix grilles that are also tinted black and can be found on thefront of the Bentley Continental.   44.

  BadgesThe Bentley is also designed with featuresknown as Badges. The derivative badges are displayed as a Supersports badgethat goes across the front fender of the vehicle.  The exterior badge comes in the form of ablack brand logo and is displayed on the fender.  45.  Infotainment System The Bentley Continental Supersportsconvertible is outfitted with a modern infotainment system.

This feature of theluxury car comes in the form of an eight (8) inch touch screen display. Thescreen is conveniently located in the front console of the car for timelyaccess. Vehicles owners will be able to enjoy features that include navigationmaps, comfort controls and trip data. The system is outfitted with a thirty(30) gigabytes hard drive, optional Wi-Fi hotspot for timely access on smartdevices.   46.

  SIM Card The new infotainment system of theconvertible requires the use of a SIM card to function effectively. Users areable to use a SIM card from a smart phone or one procured from the preferredmobile network.  47.  Naim for Bentley The new Bentley convertible is outfittedwith the Naim for Bentley audio system. This feature was created through thecombined efforts of Bentley and the Naim companies. The new audio system boastseleven (11) BMR speakers, acoustic analysis for maximized clarity, a DSP brainfor the reinvention of the sound and a 1,100 watt amplifier.

 48.  Balanced Mode Radiator The Balanced Mode Radiator or BMR featureof the new convertible is a specially designed set of speakers. These speakersare created by combining the functions of a mid-range speaker and separatetweezers into one object. They are efficient at directing sound to maximizeclarity and enhancing the subwoofer and bass for optimal ear play.  49.

  Bentley Dealers-Servicing The Bentley line of cars, like other luxuryvehicles, requires specialized servicing. The manufacturers strongly recommendthat these cars be serviced by registered and certified Bentley dealers. Thereare currently over fifty (50) licensed Bentley servicing dealers within thecontinental USA. A few of these are found in Bellevue, Atlanta, Miami, AustinTexas, Boston, Columbus Ohio, along the Gold Coast and in Fort Lauderdale.  50.  Bentley Dealers- Sales The sale of luxury cars such as the BentleyContinental Supersports convertible are usually handled by specialized dealers.The Bentley convertible should only be purchased from these licensed Bentleydealers. This guarantees, for the owner, warranty on parts and services;minimizing additional cost after purchase.

Within the continental USA there areover forty (40) licensed Bentley Sales dealers; most of which can be foundalong the south and east coasts of the country. Easily located dealers can befound in North and South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Philadelphia, New York andTexas.     


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