In future, I would like to join American Psychological Association. The reason for this decision is the benefits that I am going to get from the organization. This paper gives an analysis of the organization as well as expanding further on the reasons that makes me take the decision.

Background and History

APA (American Psychological Association) was founded by 31 members in 1892, as a professional body for psychologists from United States of America. Currently it has a membership of over 150, 000 in 54 branches. The association is the largest in United States and combines scholars in different areas of psychology. It has its headquarters in Washington DC.

Mission Statement for the Association

Advancing the communication, creation, communication, and psychological (knowledge) application in a bid to improve individuals lives as well as the society at large.

Core Values

Continual Pursuit of Excellence Knowledge and Application Based on Methods of Science Outstanding Service to its Members and to Society Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Ethical Action in All That We Do (APA Official website, 2010).

Reasons for Choosing the Organization

The organization is composed of different professionals who have specialized in different areas of sociology, philosophy, and psychology. Annually the organization has meetings with its members where they share different observations in their area of specialization. Other than being a local organization, the company has international recognition. It calls international meetings with other nations where they share experiences and knowledge.

These interactions bring about net working environments and give a chance to enlarge ones knowledge in a certain area. When a member has attended a meeting, he is given a certificate which is recognized all over the world and given preference in America. On a monthly basis there is a magazine and a journal produced for the members to read on various developments of the firm. The magazine is freely available to members who have paid annual subscription. In the magazine discussion focuses more on current trends in psychology and the way it affects the world. To be a more productive member in the organization; I am planning to enroll in psychology classes.

Other than understanding different trends in psychology, I will also understand different aspects in current changing world. Understanding the world will assist me in my main field which is economics; I will be able to understand the trends that are in business and the world economy at large and making decisions will be easier. In America the organization members are highly respected due to the precedence of integrity set by other members. Being a member of the organization will not only boost my knowledge in the area of psychology but will assist me when making decision in future on my career. The core values set on the other hand place responsibility of care in me and thus I will become a respectable professional with integrity (Jo-Ida & Melanie, n.d).


In the future, I aim to join APA; it has a set of roles and expectations that it has set for its members to attain in its efforts to retain an experienced professional team. To enlighten its staffs more it produces periodical journals and publication.

It is an association with checks and balances to keep its member’s integrity and professionalism intact.

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