Although it’s always best for an auto repair workshop to reduce complete employee turnover, it is crucial to retain good technicians because, without them, your doors stay shut. The problem is that technicians are skilled workforces who, for the most part, can find alternative job in their profession simply because they are so essential for fixing vehicles. They will not stay long if they remain unhappy. This makes it more of a challenge than rousing other laborers’.  So how is a upright auto shop manager supposed to inspire mechanics so they work in a way that assists the business? Here are a few ideas:

Create a constructive work atmosphere for the mechanics – It’s significant to comprehend how various labors in your shop intermingle with themselves and your customers. Mechanics occupy a exclusive position in an auto workshop, and they are mindful of the role they play. Pay courtesy to the dynamic they make between themselves and within the workshop before you initiate instigating any kind of incentive structure. You do not want to create bad blood either within the technician pool or between the other staff and the technicians. Understanding the attitude of your mechanics and how they sight what they do for your shop is very vital. Also, if one of your mechanics is causing discord or poor performance among the others, retaining that worker will not be good for profits in the long run, irrespective of whether another bay remains open this week. Keep this in mind.

Identify the significant work mechanics do – Don’t snout yourself with your technicians. If they need to be corrected for the profit of the shop overall, do not dither. On the other hand, the old age saying, “You get more flies with honey than with vinegar,” holds true. If you must disapprove or correct, give whatever positive advice you can along with it, and write down tangible phases for perfection. Giving workforces actual – even written – potentials is always a good idea. They should know what the shop’s mission statement is, and what their part is in satisfying it. Of course, it is always beneficial to commend your mechanics, privately and publicly. For some, recognition is more gratifying than everything else, including money.

Always use best practice incentives – Bond any positive incentives for your mechanics, including money and raises, to performance, and state clearly what the goal is and how performance will be measured and rewarded. Your mechanics’ work straight affects the workshop in plentiful ways. If you want to improve customer retention and satisfaction, give out rewards for car problems that are diagnosed and fixed the first time around or great customer survey results. To encourage efficiency, reward for hours upsold within a certain period or for flagged hours. To increase competence and smart use of resources, give rewards to mechanics who only use a quantified quantity of spares per quarter.

You can encourage a little friendly competition among your mechanics for rewards as well. Many people elate a race or a chance to demonstrate how good they are.

GetAFix will help you to identify efficiency of each employees. You can set the key result area (KRA) for each of your employees, GetAFix measures and provides the employee performance report on periodicity.  This scientifically proven data will help you provide the right incentives, hike and also it will help which employee lack in skills who requires additional training.



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