Although seasoned veterans and mature workers contribute a lot to a workplace such as experience and vast knowledge in their field,  we live in a environment now that in terms of knowledge, expertise and experience, an aging workforce presents itself with ever growing issues for a company in this evolving new world from a human resources perspective.Even though practically everything is sound but now with new legal issues coming out and employment law and new anti-age discrimination policies .The impact of aging workers on a human resources department is therefore varied, depending on the industry and normally the size of the business. Human resource departments are faced with a lot of complications and elements that makes it easier for them to look at younger talent. Two things that I believe that causes implications globally and for most  human resource departments is technology and health concerns.With new technology whether it be desktops,smartphones systems and programs  we a living in an evolving world where something new is coming out every 6 months.Younger employees are more technology savvy and more involved now in their day to day activities, such things as social media. We also now have large variety of technology which  young employees are normally brought up already learning about  and are already literate. So for a business there is no need for trainings or no additional costs and time wasted to be able to bring young employees up to speed. Whereas older employees may require additional training to learn new programs and systems, which can result in an expense to a company. In a small business environment, a human resources department may find it difficult to employee older staff which might need extra training and longer period of time to grasp something which then could lead to less productivity to the business. HR managers going forward need to identify current and future needs of their companies before recruiting. They need to find a equal amount of young employees that are knowledgeable and technology savvy but also have the capabilities of becoming a teacher for growing aging workforce. The aging workforce have to be open to change and have the capabilities of fast pace learning. Business also have to remember and abide by the new policies, one being the anti-age discrimination which is in the Employment act 2000. Another thing the human resource departments (HR) are faced with, is the ageing workforce health concerns. With the growing number of mature employees in the workforce HR will notice that more medical attention and health care needs will need to be provided unlike the younger employees. HR will have to deal with increased insurance claims special costs to cover for an aging workforce. Special accommodations may be required for older employees things like more break times, suitable workstations  accessibility considerations for employees with age-related physical impairments. This all will be all at the expense of the business in order to cater for the aging workplace.


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