All people have to have a social location. For me, my social location is known to be considerably luckier than others. I grew up and live in a small town called Laguna Beach, California where my high school that I was enrolled in was a five-minute walk from the beach. I’m a Caucasian male, in the middle working class, and consider myself fairly privileged. The reason being why I say that I’m fairly privileged is because I have been given a lot of opportunities to succeed that most kids never get. Those kids that are not so lucky have to claw and scrap every day for the rest of their lives and has become a huge problem in the U.S. today.

   A few of the many important issues that are in our society today are education, drug abuse, and unemployment. The U.S. Department of Education recorded that 32 million adults are incapable of reading (Crum). That is well over ten percent of the entire population in which these adults were incapable of receiving a proper education.

Which leads to the typical stereotypes such as drug abusers living in poor like conditions. People who abuse drugs are caused by things like neglecting parents, poor education, and not safe living conditions. All these reasons cause the abusers to find an outlet that will ease them from the pain they are in. Considering that these drug abusers are known to be unemployed as well, does not help the skyrocketing 4.1% unemployment rate which contains well over 100 million Americans.      Only just scratching the surface of today’s societies problems, the question now is how to fix them. The first issue stated is the lack of education throughout the nation.

A solution to this issue would be to start a program that will help poorly funded schools to allow children to receive a proper education. Following up on drug abuse and how it heavily affects our society something needs to change. As over the past few years, drug abuse has been on the rise and creating more and more victims on a day to day basis. My solution would be to reach out to those in need and allow nationwide rehab centers were it is cost-free to receive that necessary attention they need. Since an average rehab treatment roughly costs around 20,000 dollars for a thirty-day treatment plan (Cost of Rehab). The National Institute of Drug Abuse reported that out of all 23 million drug abusers only eleven percent sought medical attention (Treatment Statistics). Therefore leading to unemployment, for those who are in dire need of a job should have on. The simple solution to that allows the poor/homeless working class to have those jobs readily available.

   In my hometown, we have a huge problem with a surplus of homeless people wandering around the downtown area with no place to go. An act should be proposed to the city leaders of having a homeless shelter to allow them to get them back on their feet. Also an addition it would be nice to have a type of career center that allows them to seek out and make them an asset rather than a liability in the world. To pay off this homeless shelter it would be paid off through city taxes as well as any generous donations by homeowners who reside in Laguna Beach. Also, another issue that can be addressed is to propose a fine for those who litter on the beach. As a lifeguard, I walk down to my tower and see trash littered all across the beach.

Having as much respect as I do towards the ocean and the beach I found it absolutely unacceptable. To prevent this happening police should come down everyday at least once or twice to advise those that if they are found littering that they will be heavily fined.


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