Alcohol, a type of drink usually drunken at parties, bars, or special occasions such as a wedding. Drinks such as wine, whiskey, beer, and vodka are considered alcohol. Different drinks have stronger effects on people. In the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Junior (the main character) dislikes alcohol in the story due to how many people are killed that are close to him. This is demonstrated in the novel when Juniors elder sister Mary, Eugene, and his grandmother die due to some tragic incidents. This causes him to feel anger towards alcohol. Alcohol does more than get you drunk, the aftermath is a pain and can be lethal to the mind and soul. Firstly, Juniors Grandmother’s death shows Junior having a negative attitude towards alcohol. Junior speaks of old people like your grandparents are supposed to die because of old age, a natural death. That is usually the case but in some peoples lives things end differently and maybe darker than you’d think. “THE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET RUN OVER AND KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER!” (Alexie 158) Junior is angry that a kind and forgiving person such as his grandmother was killed by a drunk driver. The capital words prove and or show his anger. If those words were in lower case letters I’d assume Junior was being sarcastic or quietly muttering to himself due to the shock of the death. The capital letters really show his anger and frustration. Junior talks about how his grandmother would’ve wanted her family to forgive Gerald (the drunk driver) for running her over. “She wanted us to forgive Gerald the dumbass Spokane Indian alcoholic who ran her over and killed her.” (Alexie 157) Junior doesn’t like/understand how his grandma is so forgiving. He’s a bit mad that such a kind person like his grandma would be killed because of alcohol. Death by a drink that makes you lose your senses rather than your body shutting down naturally. That’s why his grandmother never drank, because she wanted to feel the world with all five of her sense in tact. It’s a shame that kind people die in these tragic ways isn’t it? Secondly, Eugene’s death. A huge support beam in Juniors crumbling life, from the support at basketball game and with getting a ride to school to just talking with Junior. Junior talks about Eugene being a kind guy even as an alcoholic. “Yeah that Eugene, he was a positive dude even as an alcoholic who ended up getting shot in the face and killed.” (Alexie 188) There is a drop of sarcasm in this quote from Junior. Even though Eugene was kind the alcohol, that has been killing everyone reached him (Eugene). His death was because of him and a friend fighting over who gets the last drop. Alcohol kills, no matter who you are the effects of it will reach you no matter what. Even if you don’t drink someone you know who does might get hurt or maybe they’ll hurt you. Junior talks about booze and God being the reason towards the many deaths. “It was all booze and God, booze and God, booze and God.” (Alexie 171) Junior is sick of people dying from drinking so much. All he’s seen is booze and people praying to God, for mercy on their families. He’s angry that  this so called saviour that helps everyone lets his family and friends die one by one because of a stupid drink that makes people make stupid decisions and numbs their senses. The world is unfair, some of the kindest, forgiving, and generous people you will meet could die and leave your life forever Just like that. Lastly, Juniors sisters death in the horrid fire makes Junior hate alcohol even more than before. Junior has just gone through a wave of deaths in his life. “It’s not too comforting to learn that your sister was TOO FREAKING DRUNK to feel any pain when she BURNED TO DEATH!” (Alexie 205) The words ‘too freaking drunk’ are in capitals emphasizing Juniors anger. Juniors sister Mary, was happy where and how she was living. “I love my life! I love my husband! I love Montana!” (Alexie 100) Mary was starting to shine again. She was starting to do something with her life rather than life in a basement and stay there for 23 hours a day. From what Mr. P telling Junior that Mary was a dying star that once shone brightly, to reading these emails and postcards about how good her life is. Junior that she was getting better, shining brightly again. But, this was all destroyed because of alcohol. Junior is sad to see his sister, who was doing great, who was changing, to all of a sudden die. To hear that it was because of a fire that started during a party where everyone was drunk. That’s one of the worst ways to find out someone dear to you died. In conclusion, in the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Junior dislikes alcohol in the story due to how many people are killed that are close to him. Throughout the entire story alcohol haunts Junior killing his family and close friend. Juniors grandmother was killed due to a drunk driver. Eugene, someone that was close to Junior was killed because he and a friend were out drinking and were arguing about who’d get the last sip and that resulted in Eugene getting shot in the face. Lastly, Juniors dear sister, who was once a dying star but was starting to shine again only to be consumed by a fire. She couldn’t even feel the pain of the fire burning her flesh and skin because she was so drunk. Honestly I’d hate alcohol with a burning passion as well if it killed that many people that were dear to me.  


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