Alcibiades was atwenty year old noble that was wealthy and very well known in his country.However, during this time period, older men would pursue younger men based uponthe knowledge that they had. Not only was it in a sexual sense, but also forthe good qualities that they had to offer. Socrates wanted to pursue Alcibiadesbecause of who he was as a person.

Alcibiades was very pleased that Socrates wascaptivated by him, therefore, he allowed Socrates to pursue him even though hewasn’t considered as a young man of the age anymore.             Socrates wanted to be with young menbecause he wanted to educate them and to make them better. Thus, Socrates wasappreciative of what Alcibiades had to offer based upon his good qualities.Socrates had intensions of being a leader of his Greece, therefore he asks Alcibiadesfor advice. They begin to discuss their situation with war and peace. Socrateswants to have a deeper conversation about what justice entails. Then Socratesasks Alcibiades what Justice is and Socrates explains that in order to knowwhat justice is you should be able to have justice and be able to explain it.If Alcibiades is able to explain it then he will be considered as an expert.

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Socrates asks Alcibiades when he learned justice and he explains that helearned it from the common people. The notion of justice was understood thatwhen we learn something, the people that are experts usually agree. Therefore,the common people are known as the experts.             As a result, we can infer that Alcibiadesdoesn’t really know what justice is because he wasn’t able to explain it. However,we know that being an expert is if you are able to explain the concept andteach it. In order to be a just person, you must be able to explain it and notnecessarily be able to put it into practice.

Being able to explain somethingoffers more proof whether you know something or not.             Socrates and Alcibiades begin totalk about alleged knowledge and what that entails. They were discussing theconcept of not knowing something while thinking that you know. Also, beingaware of your ignorance as in being aware that you know that you don’t know.These things allow us to be more open to discovery and they call this theSocratic approach. Alcibiades admits that he has no knowledge of things that heknows, but now he does.

Socrates explains that Alcibiades must step in front ofthe counsel until he knows for sure. For example, being able to explain that heknows. Therefore, this is evidence that Alcibiades is becoming an adult becausehe is able to adapt to his expectations.

            However, Socrates begins to go aboutasking if Alcibiades how he identifies himself. He asks who he is and how hedifferentiates himself from others. Socrates explains that Alcibiades shouldn’tidentify with the things that he likes because that can change. He states thatyou aren’t defined by who you are by what you own or what you like becausethings change all the time. According to Socrates you can’t identify yourself withthe body. The body and soul are two separate things. For example, this means asin who you are as in your soul. We use our bodies as a tool and you don’t becomeless of a person because you’re physically missing something that is apart ofyou.

            Finally, they begin to talk aboutthe importance of what the soul is. Most people would refer to having a soul ashaving some sort of consciousness and sense of self. Others may reference it tothe innate things as to how a person may see the world. I believe that our soulis what makes us human at the end of the day. However, in this case that notimportant because Socrates ex plains that it’s the principle of life referring toanything that is alive. Another question arises that asks does the soul exitwith or without the body.

Plato explains that the soul can exit and go withoutthe body. The soul is nowhere, but with the body and is not aware.             Plato discusses what mode ofexistence does the soul have.

He explains that it may be anywhere. You are notyour body, but you are only your soul and the soul always lives. He alsoexplains that the soul is associated with personality because it’s the characterthat someone develops throughout life.

This shows different modes of actionbecause those personalities were developed in connections with the body. Thus,this concept of what is a soul has let Alcibiades to realize somethingimportant. He’s realized that he shouldn’t focus on his body, his wealth, orhis state of mind. Alcibiades learned that he should only focus on his soul andthe development of it because you do everything for the sake of your soul.



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