Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm Wurttemberg Germany. Albert invented some awesome things. Albert study physics in his school days and became a very famous inventor. Albert worked at a patent office in bern. I think Albert was famous for The Special Theory of Relativity. In his school days he was good at math and science.

Albert was alive during The Great Depression. Albert was the most famous scientist of all times. Back then Albert was born in a middle class of Jews.

His quote was “to keep your balance you have to keep moving.” There is a place named after Albert called “Albert Einstein medical center”. His research was important because of The Theory of Relativity and The Concept of Mass Energy. It had power of the atomic bomb, and the speed of light. He worked with his first wife, with The Theory of Relativity without crediting her work.

Albert had one sibling her name was Maja Einstein. Albert’s parents names were Elsa Einstein and Mileva Einstein. Albert had 2 wife’s his first one was named Mileva Maric she went to school with Albert. That marriage was filled with affairs as they got divorced. His second wife was named Elsa she was Albert’s cousin. He had three children there names were Eduard Einstein, Hans Albert Einstein, Lieserl Einstein.

When Albert was born everybody told him he had a fat head at birth, as he got older his head started to turn into normal. Alberts brain was 15% larger than a normal sized brain. Another thing you should know about Albert is that when he was born he had speech difficulty. They always called it “Einstein syndrome”. Albert spent his teenage years in Munich. His family owned a power company down there. Albert’s ¬†favorite scientist growing up was Galileo Galilei. During school Albert wasn’t the best student, teachers thought he acted up to much so they refused to let him do the employment.

Einstein wanted to be an electrical engineer so he went and took an exam for that and he failed, so he called it failed at 16. A cool thing to know about Albert is that when he was young he was a swiss citizen and as he got older and died he was an American citizen. Another cool thing is that Albert never could swim as he grew up nobody would teach him how to swim. Albert would never wear any socks so he never did a lot, when he wore socks he put holes in them. This is a crazy thing to know about Einstein. He had a love for smoking that a lot of people didn’t he could smoke a whole pack in just one day he smoked a pack a day.

Einstein invented this cool refrigerator that runs on compressed gas.


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