Agility comes to hand when things get made quickly andeasily. Not only happening that but with proper thinking and understanding . Inthis growing software world , Agility can play a very important role inbusiness management , skills identification and also help m us in givingindividual importance to personal team.               Lets getssome clear understanding of how agility makes good business in softwareindustry. The current competence in their industry is very high that everythinghas an alternative . The only tool that can achieve success are speed , easeand creativity.               As thereare many software alternatives for every work.

The way to find the best way isby comparing all the competent softwares, when the softwares are better withtheir tools, then it be successful.               Theagile position of software development has approach of development wererequirement and solutions evelve through collaborative effort of developerteamswith their customers. This type of development is evolutionary , adaptive,early delivery and improvement.The agile manifesto to values:               Individualsand interaction is more important than process and tools.

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               Working softwarevalues more than comprehensive document.               Customercollaborative has much value over contract negotiation.               Respondingto change is much prefer than responding to a plan.                The main moto from the manifesto is to resolvea balance.These values can be understand as :Individual and Interactions:-                                             Collocationand pair program,ming is necessary with motivation and organization. “A goodteam is better than a isolated experts” is the main idea to implement by mostof the companies.Working Software:-                                             Thelesser the documentation, the lesser the effort. Adding an code can get helpgetting all required information.

Customer Colloboration :-                                             Asall requirements can’t be collected at the beginning , proper cooloboration canhelp us with requirements adapted from feedback.Responding to change:-                                             Thismethod is basically based on quick response to change and development. This manifesto is based on twelve principles.1)    Customer satisfied by early and continuous valuablesoftware delivery.2)    Welcome changes requirement even in latedevelopment.

3)    Software delivered frequently.4)    Daily cooperation between business people anddevelopers.5)    Face to face conversation is the best way.6)    Projects built around individuals to be tested.7)    Working software is the measure of progress.8)    Sustainable development.9)    Continuous to technology and good design.10)  Simplicityis the art of maximizing the amount of work done.

11)  Bestarchitecture , requirements and design merge from self organizing teams.12)  Regularlythe team reflects on low to become more effective and adjusts accorndingly. Agile has two connotations:Business and technology has becometurbulent , high speed and ununiform. This requires a process to create changeand respond to change.

This requires the necessity of thinkingfast according to the situation. To achieve this process ,it would requiresresponding people only to focus on talents and skills of individuals peoplewith discipline . It can be clearly understand from ideas that this is businessand technology, turbulent adaptable development. The growing business and technologyin the software industry results in numerous developments with the need. Withthe adaptability to these changes and developments, this can only help businessand technology stay in the market  as theadapted changes could customer needs. This reason to contrast change inthis process like define or empirical.

Defined process will have the sameprocess resulting the same product every time. Assembling motor vehicles is onesuch process. This type of assembling better works for motor vehicles whenordered actions to machinery robotics.

This process might produce highlyquality motor vehicles. But , this does not work up for software developmentbecause , team develops product . So , it is unlikely thar predefined stepswould lead to desirable outcome with change in technology , requirement addingand taking people. In the software industry inspectand adapt , cycles and frequency , short feedback loops, this can help agilemethodologies better handle software industry conflicts. There are few peoplewho treat agility in software development as a trade off. From extremeprogramming through agility or safety or discipline.

Kent Beck disciple in dictionary definesthat field of study , Training corrects ,control gained by obedience ,Patternof behavior and self control. From the definition , extreme programming is far-more discipline than most process providingclear collective picture of what activities are expected.               Debatingthis Barry in his publications says that every individual has their owncapabilities and working on problem at a time may not be a good idea findingand collaboration can be a solution. Barry Boehm statement can be accepted asthe capability of the individuals and experienced programmers.

This can be donebe working with collaboration.               Theproper collaboration between the developer and the customer is necessary inthis methodology. Let us get into these words collaboration and communication.From the dictionary, Collaboration is action of works with someone to producesomething and communication is important or exchanging of information byspeaking ,writing  or by using some othermethods.

Customer collaboration means that all the sponsor  ,customers ,users and developers are in thesame way to make the project deliverable in the correct time. Combining their differentexperience and expertizing will allow to change quickly to produce appropriateresults. Project charts are necessary with collaboration and communication,sending and receiving information.The agile group concept grows


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