After being presented with my bachelor’s degree inBiochemistry from Temple University, I have flourished both academically andprofessionally for an entire decade.

After four years, I decided to continue mystudies in Temple’s medical school program and currently, as a graduate and inmy last year of residency, I am on the verge of receiving my white coat. In themany years that I have invested in my academics, I am able to now look back andappreciate the many rewards. I am exceedingly proud that I have chosen Templeto be the school that helped me achieve my goals. Temple has equipped me withthe knowledge, strength and credence to go out into the professional world anddo my absolute best.

I have so much to thank Temple for in such a short letter. Duringmy numerous years of schooling at Temple, I have also met the love of my life,and with our union we share a spirited-clever two year-old. Having to be a rolemodel to my little boy, I set high expectations for my family, as well asmyself. As a family, we are currently saving for the purchase of our firsthome, where we can ensue the principles of a vital education and the pursuit ofdreams.


I'm Erica!

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