successfully completing the hard college years it is now time to prepare for
the professional workforce. The purpose of this memo is to familiarize the
importance of memorandums in the professional setting. The goal of this memo is
to prepare what a typical Supply Chain management memo will entail in the


Why Memorandums?

The most
useful form of communication for communicating ideas are the memorandums. They
give the reader a more accurate view on the updated news on the company. Memos
help management and upper-level management communicate to employees in the
company about new topics and new plans that are going to be enforced. In this
memo, we will talk about the purpose of purchasing orders and the purpose of
logistics in the supply chain world.  


Supply Chain Management

Chain Management is a field with many opportunities with lots of communication
between different suppliers. It is all about getting the product from the
distribution center to the warehouse and straight to the shelves in the stores.
Some examples of SCM memos might include purchasing orders and logistics.

Orders: According
to Kenneth Loi, “purchase orders are documents sent from a buyer to a supplier
with a request for an order.” All around the world companies have specific
items that they need to buy from the seller to get to their distribution
centers. This is what we call purchasing orders. The purpose of these orders is
to allow the company the exact amount of product that they need to fulfill
their shelving space in their stores to fulfill their customers’ needs.


Logistics: According to Ben Benjabutr,
“logistics typically refers to activities that occur within the boundaries of a
single organization.” Logistics is an important part of the business world.
They associate the process through the company on how their specific product is
going to be shipped to the stores. It is the process from start to finish on
how that product will get to the stores on time. Logistics is an important factor
on ways the company can become profitable.


memorandum document has provided examples on what purchasing orders and
logistics deal within the professional workplace. Congratulations on the hard
work that has been accomplished. If you have any further questions on these
topics feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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