African Leadership Magazine is a publication that
focuses on Africa stories and presenting to the world the goodness of Africa.
The magazine is published by a UK based company, Africa Leadership (UK) Limited.
Once a year, they organize awards ceremonies to esteem Africa individuals,
organizations, governments that have performed well in different categories. 2017
award ceremony which is the 6th edition will cover 7 categories. According
to Africa Leadership Magazine, the categories are as follows.

ALM Person of the Year-Political
Leadership 2017

ALM Young Person of the Year 2017

ALM Person of the Year- Philanthropy

African of the Year 2017

ALM Person of the Year-Educational
development 2017

ALM Person of the Year- Employment
Generation 2017

African Female Leader of the Year 2017

The selection of nominees in 2017 was guided by
three themes which are the promotion of Africa’s image abroad, Promotion of
Democratic Values, and jobs & wealth creation. Among the
shortlisted candidates of various award categories are seven sitting presidents
and twelve business front-runners.

Among the six sitting presidents nominated is Kenyan
President H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta who has been nominated for ALM Person of
the Year 2017 – Political Leadership award. President Kenyatta was recently
elected for his second term after and sworn in as President of Republic of
Kenya on 28th November 2017. Kenya conducted a fresh presidential
election on 26th October after the first round presidential general
Election was nullified by Kenya Supreme court citing illegalities and irregularities
of the 8th general election. Other president nominated for this award are President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of
Liberia and President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria.

President Paul Kagame
of Rwanda has been nominated for African of the year 2017 award along with
President John Magafuli of Tanzania, and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
president of Ghana.

Young Kenyan, Joel
Macharia is also nominated for ALM Young Person of the Year 2017. Mr. Macharia
is the CEO and Founder of Abacus Online Investing, a web and mobile
software development company based in Kenya.

The voting process is done here online where the
winners will be announced on 5th January 2018 and award ceremony will be done
on 24th February 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa.



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