Aditya ChaturvediAstrid Hartman4100F201726 January 2018Word Count: 1450                                                Depression has become a disorder for people living in 21st century due to the way that people live their lives nowadays. According to American Psychiatric Association “Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act” (Parekh). Depression is one of the most common disorder found in young generation.

Some common symptoms to determine depression is that the person would feel fatigue and restlessness, insomnia and sometimes sleeping too much, loss of interest which leads to trouble in concentration and suicidal thoughts. A person in depression usually stays unhappy, there is an increase in their laziness and they do not tend to do anything. People suffering from this disorder are usually to sleep or do not sleep at all in other words they have insomnia.

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Due to all the problems caused by depression the person is not able to concentrate on anything like they won’t be able to gain the interest for doing some job like studying or anything. At last all this situation leads to the suicidal tendency of a person which is also one of the symptoms of depression usually found in teenagers.One of the most common symptom found when a person is suffering from depression is fatigue where the person feels extremely tired and this at last results in mental as well as physical illness of the person. Fatigue is one of the identical symptom of depression usually the patient is seen with apathy and the relatives or the person around the patient think that they are emotionally disturbed which at last leads to fatigue. According doctors working on fatigue related depression also say that fatigue usually leads to recall problems  and word finding difficulties. There are three different categories of fatigue symptom that are commonly found in the patient, they are emotional, physical and cognitive symptom. The emotional symptom is usually decreased apathy, mood swings, decreased interest in doing their jobs or their studies, feeling low and staying alone all the time.

The physical symptom consists of low energy, sluggishness, general weakness and reduced activity in dad to day life. And the cognitive symptoms are usually decreased attention, concentration and slow thinking of a person (Targum). The person suffering from depression usually feels restless and they try to stay away from everyone rather involving in an activity where there are a lot of people to interact they choose to stay alone somewhere where nobody can find them or maybe nobody to interact with them. All this symptom usually leads to the breakdown of a person and starts affecting his/her daily routine and their behavior towards their problems and the perspective to solve the problem also changes. In the end, this changes the complete perspective of persons life like how to deal with their problem how to live their lives at last leading to one of the major cause of depression as well as the biggest reason for their mental, sentimental and physical breakdown. This is how fatigue and restlessness plays a role in depression and affects a person not only mentally but physically and sentimentally also. Two of the usually things or symptom that comes with depression is insomnia or too much sleep.

Insomnia is usually a disease in which the person suffering from it deficiency or lack of sleep and stays awake for longer time they should be awake. One of the initial symptom of depression is insomnia, sometimes in few cases doctors can diagnose depression by studying their sleeping pattern or by watching there sleeping habits. A person suffering from depression will not sleep at all that’s insomnia or else he would choose to sleep the whole day without eating or doing any physical work. This how a doctor can find by a person’s sleeping habit that if he is suffering from depression or not. Usually people suffering from insomnia take help of sleeping tablets so that they can get the sleep required by them because the sleeping pills makes them feel better for some time so they choose to take the sleeping pills. Sometimes people take a lot of sleeping pills and then this taking of sleeping pills becomes their habit and eventually are not able to sleep even after taking a heavy dose of those sleeping pills. These overdose of sleeping sometimes causes just the opposite of insomnia that is they sleep more then they usually sleep in other words could be said as prolonged sleep.

If a person sleeps more than he usually sleeps oh considered that it is a leg kicks or because of some medication that they are taking (Edlund). In most of the cases hypersomnia is turned out to be because of depression in which a person sleeps more than they usually sleep. It’s just because of the deformation of the brain information (Edlund). This how depression affects your sleeping habits and sleeping disorder is considered as one of the major symptoms of depression.

A person having trouble in concentration is usually not considered as a symptom of depression, but it’s one of the symptoms of depression as the person is not able to concentrate in any work they are doing due to lack of interest of doing anything even after they are willing to do it. People suffering from depression think that they are not able to focus on their work and are not doing their job with their complete passion or enthusiasm. All this lack of interest leads to misunderstanding at home, in their relationships and their personal lives (Theobald). The person cannot concentrate at a particular thing they get easily distracted and are not able to do anything with their complete concentration. They also face different problems like memory loss, can’t focus on one thing there are train of thoughts going in their mind.

Lack of interest and difficulties in concentrating is one of the symptoms of depression which is most often neglected by the people because of lack of the information about depression and its symptoms.Suicidal tendency of a person is the most common symptom of depression. People who are suffering from depression usually choose to live alone on their own which makes them think about committing suicide as they think they do not have anything to live for they choose to give up on their lives and choose to kill themselves. The suicidal thoughts usually come to a person’s mind because of family history, sexual abuse, physical abuse, physical abuse and bad influence from people trying to commit suicide (Goldberg). Suicide is not the normal response to your depression it’s the persons thinking that makes him think that way. In 2014, it was recorded that the 10th leading cause of death was suicidal tendency of a person in US, that year 43,000 people committed suicide and around 1.

3 million adults attempted suicide, it was also the second leading cause of death for people whose age was between 10 to 34, according to CDC.  (Goldberg). It’s also recorded that men usually commit three times more suicide then women. The main leading cause of suicide or even thinking about committing suicide is depression due to the reason mentioned above. This suicidal tendency usually comes due to their thoughts as when a person is depressed his thoughts are dominated by negative thinking which causes them to think about giving up their lives without thinking about their family and friends (Feeling Good). This kind of suicidal attempts are also recorded more in teenagers because of the burden of their studies, their family problem or being sexual harassed in their collage or by people living nearby them.

This suicidal tendency of a person is one of the most common and major symptom of a person who is dealing with depression.All the symptoms mentioned above are the most usual and common factors and ways to find out if a person is suffering from depression. It is not a very big disease that cannot be treated. It is a common disease usually found in the young age and can be treated easily with the help of their family and friends.

Depression is a disease which comes or is adapted due to the environment and the past. There are many ways to treat depression and if diagnosed in right time could be treated easily with the help of people trying to improve the persons surrounding and giving them the support they need. An easy way to avoid depression is to stay happy with what u have.

At last depression is a disease which has a cure aand can be treated easily with the help of medications and help from patient’s relatives and friends.   WORKS CITEDParekh, Ranna. “Depression.

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