Action: In this picture, the Chinese man seems to be shouting and throwing his arms up to stop the European and Japanese imperialists to stop cutting or slicing into the “pie” of China. England and Germany are fighting each other on which slice is theirs and Russia, France, and Japan are considering on which section to cut.

Germany has the knife in the pie, symbolizing Germany’s aggressive inclinations, and the French female puts her hand on Russia’s arm, guiding him on what part to get. Characters/Personas:  The Chinese leader represents the country of China, who remained consistently the target of imperialists. The arguing leaders are Queen Victoria and Kaiser Wilhelm II. The deliberating leaders are Czar Nicholas II and the emperor of Japan next to a female who symbolizes France. Expressions/ Body Language: Queen Victoria and Kaiser Wilhelm II are disputing as their irritated facial expressions imply. The Chinese official seems frustrated as he tries to halt the imperialists but seems weak.

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Czar Nicholas II, the emperor, and the female overlook and disregard the arguing European leaders and concentrate on the pie.Text/Titles/Direct Statements: There is a direct statement seen in the image. “Chine” is marked on the pie, which means China in French.

The nations are portrayed by their leaders at that moment in time. It was clear to comprehend which nation they symbolized. The illustrator uses symbolism to reveal their viewpoint on imperialism in the image by portraying China as a pie because the powerful countries are cutting it up amongst themselves. Summary/Themes:This picture displays rulers cutting into a pie, which symbolizes China. The illustration is about the imperialist inclinations of those nations and their leaders towards China throughout that time.

This is also a representation of the Chinese dynasty’s failure to defend their own nation from the foreign imperialists and implies the inevitable decline of the dynasty.


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