Acting vs Actor the actor has a harder time acting than having his own jobAs acting sometimes Actors have a harder time to getting the acting job and it also takes a natural born actor.Bruce Cabot was a famous actor back in the 1900’s, he became famous for being in or mentioned in movies with John Wayne.His first movie ever was back in (1931) Heroes of the flame. His Last movie was back in (1971) and it was called Big Jake.His most best movies were: (Diamonds are forever), (King Kong). He was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico. On April 20th in (1904). Bruce’s Mom died after birth and he was raised by his dad. He also attended the University of the south. Before he went to hollywood he worked a variety of very odd jobs. He moved to hollywood in (1931), he was in (136) movies.His Career ended in (1971) after his movie Big Jake he went to workWith the marines, and helped with World War Two. He was in 136 movies, and 11 of them were the ones he did with his friend John wayne. He and John wayne became friends thru being picked in acting for movies. The original king kong had a budget as $670,000 estimated and there gross was $10,000,000. Diamonds are forever was at a budget at $7,200,000 and the gross was at $43,819,547. The gross is (usa), and the money is worldwide, as you can see is that the his most popular and most expensivest movie was King Kong. his other movies were big hits but these two are the most best. Bruce cabot was from back in the old days and he was in those gray and white, black and white shows and was married 3 times had two kids and got divorced 3 times. His first divorce was prior to moving to hollywood his 1st wife did not want to move to hollywood so she stayed and got a divorce, his second divorce happened shortly after and his 3rd divorce was because it didn’t work out and he kept the two kids till they grew up no one knows who he had the kids with but he died from being a smoker shortly after his 3 divorce. Here is a rumor that he got into smoking because of his career in the shows he would sometimes smoke cigars and they used real ones in the show since back then props were not really used or made. During world war two he left hollywood to help and when he did that that’s when he had less time on his hands so he did not smoke as much as he did before he smoked all the time. Today people know him as a actor from 2 really good movies but what people don’t know is that he helped and helped to stop a war to make this place a better place and he made people laugh and change their lives by acting making them think he’s going to die when there’s someone in tahere and showing them that he knows how to act. People say he seemed like a hard actor and he did good others see him just as no one but every one knows who he is now and what he really was and he was a good actor. If he still was alive today and making new shows they would be just as great as they were back in the 60’s or maybe even better i think bruce cabot added on to all the good movies and to make them better in the 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s is when i think all the good shows were getting made or already made all the original movies came out and they were all the good cool funny ones and they were because the actors in their time were getting better at acting just like bruce cabot did. Here’s is some cool a Personal Quote: on Joan Crawford Now, there’s a formidable lady. Her knowledge of the business of the lighting is something out of this world. My person was bruce cabot and this my rough draft.


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