I would like to
acknowledge and thank:

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Dr. Pepper’s
administrative assistant, Ms. Rickyshia Presley, and market development
manager, Ms. Mary Campbell. I would like to thank Ms. Presley and Ms. Campbell
for taking time out to help with my interviews and assisting me through my

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Executive Summary 200




can better internal communication effect the flow of production delivery and
advertising space for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group?


method is to help adjust the current tracking system for ads and figure out how
to solve for better communication for product distribution. The problem for Dr.
Pepper has to do with poor communication for production delivery resulting in
products not being delivered on time. Dr. Pepper is also paying for
advertisement spacing yet those companies aren’t placing Dr. Peppers ads in
their papers. Better internal communication will allow Dr. Pepper to increase
in production delivery and on time delivery for their products. Dr. Pepper will
also benefit by placing a new or updated tracking system or even figuring out
the problem with their current system in order to trace their advertisement’s
in another corporation’s newspaper. I am aiming to achieve better communication
with other companies for on time distribution and solving the problems of
advertisement spending and spacing.

Theoretical Framework:

plan to analyze Dr. Peppers market spending, reasons why ads aren’t being
placed in paid spots, and where the delivery of production miscommunication is
taking place. I plan to use several business tools for my research, SWOT
analysis and the four P’s of marketing.

Areas of Syllabus:

Organizational planning tools

The functions and evolution of human resource management (changes in work
patterns, practices, and preferences)

Marketing Planning

Market Research


methodology will include interviewing and discussing Dr. Pepper’s advertisement
tracking and production delivery strategies. My primary research will consist
of interviews with Dr. Pepper’s administrative assistant, Ms. Presley, and
market development manager, Ms. Campbell, as well as establishing production
delivery and ad tracking strategies. I will be collecting secondary data in
order to produce an adequate amount of work. My research will include hardcopy
and internet articles related to Dr. Pepper’s advertisement and marketing
spending. Sources of information for my research will come from Dr. Pepper
employees and detailed articles about marketing and strategic problems within
Dr. Pepper.

Anticipated Difficulties:

that might occur is when I am interviewing employees at Dr. Pepper. Some
questions might come out too specific limiting depth, while some questions
might come off too broad causing feedback to be broad as well. In this case I
would make sure my questions don’t come biased to any organization in order to
show no biased data in my internal assessment. I will also make sure my
questions are relevant in variety, for specific answers. It will be difficult
to collect and find secondary data from articles outside of Dr. Pepper to keep
the research from being biased, but I plan to use the internet to stray away
from biased articles. My interviews and data collected can be challenging since
many companies don’t want internal company information known to the public, but
in this case I would make sure to stay away from specific information that
could comprise any companies within my research.

Action Plan:

Words: 497


Dr. Pepper is one of the three most leading soft
drinks in America well established around the 1800s, but Dr. Pepper Snapple
Group was founded May 7, 2008. Dr. Pepper is listed and well-known in the
beverage industry varying from products of soft drinks, waters, teas, mixers,
and their new introduction in the health and energy drink production. Dr.
Pepper is a leading producer in North America and the Caribbean with more than
50 products.

Although, Dr. Pepper is a very popular company through
the eyes of customers, the company does have struggles and issues internally.
The constant demand for soft drink products can cause confusion and
miscommunication within the company itself. A serious problem for Dr. Pepper is
their miscommunication during product distribution to retail stores. The
problem starts with both retail stores and Dr. Pepper giving different delivery
hours causing delivery employees to miss delivery time. Missing the cut off
time for delivery means bringing back products that would’ve profited Dr.
Pepper now affecting Dr. Pepper as a loss until the next delivery date. As a
result of this problem with Dr. Pepper my research focuses on the better
internal communication to affect the flow of production delivery.

and Methodology:

My primary research consisted of an interview with Dr.
Pepper’s administrative assistant, Ms. Presley, and market development manager,
Ms. Campbell. These interviews focused on whether Dr. Pepper would benefit from
better internal communication in order to have an improved flow of production
delivery and product advertisement.

My secondary research will include online articles
from websites about Dr. Pepper’s finances and distribution market. I have also
incorporated a SWOT analysis and the four P’s of marketing. My SWOT analysis
includes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to Dr. Pepper as
a company and specifically towards my research question. I have determined
options that provide the best approach to finding solutions for delivery miscommunication
and marketing strategies. Lastly, I used the 4 P’s of marketing, price,
promotion, product, and place. With the four P’s of marketing tool I gained an
understanding and resolved some of the issues Dr. Pepper is having with product

Results and Findings:




High quality service when distributing products to
other companies
Strong brand reputation
Popular and well-known brand
Largest known beverage company
Dominating beverage company

Diet soda drinkers are not satisfied with Dr.
Peppers Diet drinks
Poor communication delivering production
Distribution handled by bottlers working with rival



The company can expand into other parts of the world
to increase revenue
The company should explore new markets across the
Introduction to new beverages and taste/flavors
The new introduction of healthy drinks can influence
and change the reputation of Dr. Pepper

industry of sport and energy drinks

Dr. Pepper’s rival slowly beginning to peak like
Pepsi and Coca-Cola
Decline in the economy of the USA
Increasing prices can affect the price of product
Limited market opportunities
Competitive pricing compared to rival companies
Newer products are not heard of are not popularly
product miscommunication can affect Dr. Pepper’s reputation


To gather my data
about Dr. Pepper’s internal communication I interviewed two employees. One
employee worked as an administrative assistant and the other as a market
development manager. I found out that a problem within Dr. Pepper is the
communication among the employees and the companies which sell Dr. Pepper
products. The main two problems are poor communication when delivering products
on time and in a timely manner as well as advertisement placing. When I
interviewed Dr. Pepper’s administrative assistant, Ms. Presley, I was informed
the problem of miscommunication between management and employee truck drivers
about specific drop off times and locations to retail stores. While the truck
drivers were told product delivery was for one time, when the drivers arrived
at the retail stores they were not able to drop off their products due to late
timing. This causes truck drivers to return to the loading dock with fresh
products, resulting in profit loss for Dr. Pepper. The second problem within
Dr. Pepper has to do with advertisement placement within other retail
newspapers. As I interviewed market development manager, Ms. Campbell, I
learned that there is a problem with securing a permanent spot in retail
newspapers for their grocery stores in order to advertise Dr. Pepper’s
products. Dr. Pepper will result in another profit loss because they are paying
for spots within retail store grocery newspapers however, when the newspapers
are released Dr. Pepper’s product advertisement is not in the papers.

There are several practical
solutions in order to solve Dr. Pepper’s internal communication and advertisement
placing problems. Dr. Pepper could start off by tracking their ads to ensure
their ads will be placed in each retail grocery newspaper instead of
immediately paying without tracking any progress. Another solution is, Dr.
Pepper could pay the retail companies after they have seen their ads advertised
in the grocery newspaper, as insurance. This will allow Dr. Pepper to no longer
result in profit loss, since they would be tracking their ads entirely. Another
possible solution for miscommunication between retail stores and truck drivers
is, Dr. Pepper could create a way that doesn’t allow the products to go to
waste. This can be done by creating back up retail stores who know they will
need products in generally and use Dr. Pepper as their back up. Having other retail
stores ready to take product that was originally accepted will allow Dr. Pepper
to continue to meet their weekly profit.

Four P’s of Marketing:

Product: Dr. Pepper is a
large, world-wide, beverage company since the end of the 1990s. Dr. Pepper is a
soft drink company with over a variety of 50 products. Dr. Pepper’s products
consist of soft drinks, juices, teas, waters, energy drinks, and other
beverages. Dr. Pepper also provides hundreds of flavors for their beverage
products, ranging from sweet, bitter, and sour tastes.

Pepper has a partnership with multiple retail stores, like Kroger’s, Target,
Sam’s Club, CVS, and more. The

Pepper has been a beverage company around for more than 100 years. Dr. Pepper
originated in 1885, created by Charles Alderton. In 1904, Dr. Pepper was
marketed around the United States, however, now Dr. Pepper has been introduced
to countries around the world as an imported good. Countries like Europe, Asia,
Canada, Mexico, South America, and many others. Dr. Pepper has several
warehouses located throughout the USA, where the carbonated soft drinks are
produced. After the beverages have been mixed they are bottled and canned they
are sent to stockists, then transported to distributors and finally to retail
stores who sell directly to customers.



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