According to World Health Organisation, diabetes mellitus is affecting morethan170 million of population all over the world which will go up to 366million by next 12 years. on 01/01/ 2018) Diabetic eye disease is most important cause of blindness in the UK,affecting more than one in eight of registerable blindness in 16 to 64 of agedpeople. Evans J, Rooney C, Ashwood F, et al.Blindness and partial sight in England andWales: April 1990–March 1991. HealthTrends 1996;28:5–12.

.PubMed (accessed on 04/01/2018).   Diabetes mellitus may affect eyes in many ways like diabetic retinopathy,diabetic maculopathy, cataract, glaucoma, Loss of  focusingability and diplopia. Diabetic maculopathy is vision threatening complication of diabetic retinopathy which canmanifest in any stage of  the disease. Diabeticretinopathy is a major cause of visual loss in working age group.

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Whilst aboutone third having diabetes presents with some form of retinopathy and 1/10 ofthem may develop in vision threatening complication of disease. International Diabetes Federation. IDFdiabetes atlas. 8th edition 2017 page 88. Available at (accessed on 03/01/2018).

 Bunce C, Wormald R. Leading causes ofcertification for blindness and partial sight in England & Wales. BMCPublic Health 2006;6:58.PubMed (accessed on 03/01/2018). Diabetic maculopathy ischaracterised by macular hard exudates, microeneurysms, haemorrhages,  macular ischaemia and retinal thickening dueto macular oedema.

It is worth mentioning that macular oedema causes more loss of vision in under 50 year of agein western counteries than any of other eye pathologies. Luttrull and Dorin,2012https://www.ncbi.nlm. (accessed on09/01/2018)  I intend togive a brief review of pathogenesis of diabetic macular oedema alongwithcurrent diagnostic  and treatment modalitieswith a bird eye glance at some promising future therapies.   Symptoms of diabetic maculopathy Themain symptom is blurring of central vision which may be noticed by trouble inreading and recognising faces in the centre of vision.


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