Accordingto Papert (1980), the use of computers with the aim of doing research anddiscovering mathematical concepts and relationships would change traditionalmathematics teaching and learning, even tomorrow’s classes would not be as theywere today.

Teachers would not teach mathematics in traditional ways andstudents would not learn that way. Starting from this point, efficient andfunctional learning environments can be created in the light of constructivistapproach. In such environments, students can develop solutions to thecomplicated problems, make analyzes, assumptions and generalizations. Studentscan use software to explore mathematical works, as well as explore information,concept, or event that they want to learn by studying the task prepared by theteacher.Baki(2001) stated that learning and teaching activities can be carried out with thehelp of computers in Computer Assisted Education (CAE) which is a way that ateacher can teach the lesson using computer, and students can also obtain theinformation easier. He also indicated that students use software as aninteraction tool, solve problems step by step, learn by taking feedback in suchan environment.Isiksaland Askar (2003) carried out a study using dynamic geometry software to provideexamples of activity sheets related solving word problems by equations with oneunknown, symmetry, coordinate plane and graphs of linear equations inmathematics classes. The researchers developed the examples by using Excel andAutograph software.

Autograph is a software which was developed to provide avisual environment for geometry, graph drawing, statistics, probability. Also,this software program has taken many positive feedback form teachers all overthe world. They said that it has rekindled their enthusiasm for math, they canvisualize lines, planes and vectors in 3D, it completely transformed how theyteach mathematics, the best demonstration teaching aid for mathematics and soon…Thestudy carried by Adiguzel, Gurbulak and Saricayir (2011) examined Smart Boards(or Interactive White Boards) which is one of the new technologies and how theycan be utilized in educational setting. The researchers indicated that sincecomputerized education alone makes education difficult for a variety of reason,it is thought that only personal computer use is causing the education to beaborted.

For example; it is becoming increasingly difficult to teach thesubject and ensure that the subject is fully animated in the mind of thestudents, since the students will not see the teacher’s computer in a classroomenvironment where only the computer is used. In this point, it does not providea complete solution to this problem, because it will be very difficult togather the attention of the students in such environment where there is acomputer in front of every student. Harlan and Rivkin (2000) indicated that inan environment where the attention of the learner cannot be fully taken, it isnot practically possible for the student to perform meaningful learning bybuilding a bridge between existing knowledge and new ones. Therefore, SmartBoards offer the opportunity to study and learn by interacting with others, onthe other hand, it makes possible for teachers to make important changes inclassroom teaching models. Education done with the help of Smart Boards is moreappealing to the students so that group activities within classroom become eveneasier.

Inorder to determine how Smart Boards affected the teacher’s lectures, threeinterviews were conducted with four mathematics teachers, who had previouslyused and not experienced using these boards, and the results compared (Hall,Chamblee and Hughes, 2008). As a result of the research, it has been determinedthat teachers who have previous experience of using this technology can thinkmore professionally than teachers who have never experienced, and also, theywould develop their teaching models and benefit the different usagecharacteristics of this board.Anotheruseful tool for mathematics is “graphing calculator”. Initially, Hollar (1999) reported that the graphing calculator facilitates to move amongthe representations fast. In addition, Hasan, Azizan and Kassim (2005) reportedin an experimental study examined the graphing calculators use during learningthat the post-test mean of the group using graphing calculators was higher thanthe post-test mean of the control group. In 2013, Nor’ain and Idris studied tocompare the effect of the TI-Nspire Cx graphing calculator and conventionalinstruction on learning Straight Lines and Statistics.

They found that studentsin the experimental group had significantly higher scores on the outcomemeasures than the students from the control group. Deloach (2013) also carriedout an experimental research to compare the performance of Algebra II students.Students in experimental group were required to use graph calculators, whilestudents in control group were not. The mean of the experimental group washigher than the mean of the control group.

In the literature reviewed aboutgraphing calculators higher scores were obtained by students who used graphingcalculators for learning.Interms of GeoGebra which is Dynamic Geometry Software, there are some studies inthe literature studied the effectiveness on mathematics learning. This software allows users tosee the algebraic, graphical and spreadsheet forms of any mathematical objectsat the same time (Hohenwarter & Jones, 2007).  Bakar, Ayub and Mahmud (2015) did a researchto investigate the effect of using GeoGebra on student performance. As a resultof the study, they reported that students in the experiment group usingGeoGebra received higher scores than the students in the control group.

Granbergand Olsson (2015) examined how GeoGebra support student collaboration andreasoning skills. The results showed that GeoGebra provide students sharedworking space and feedback. Ocal (2017) indicated that GeoGebra is one of themost preferable tool in math classes because it makes students learnmathematics meaningfully and conceptually. He aimed to see whether GeoGebra hasan effect on student achievement on the applications of derivative subjects.

The study showed that GeoGebra has positive effect on students’ learning meaningfully.Aydos (2015)also studied on the teaching mathematics with GeoGebra on gifted high schoolstudents’ conceptual understanding of limit and continuity subjects. Theresults pointed out that experimental group students who received interventionwith GeoGebra had better scores in the test measuring their conceptualknowledge than those who received traditional instructions. In addition to these tools, is a good source and platform to learn and teach mathematics.

The ck-12foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission that the cost ofeducation should be decreased and the access to it should be increased in theU.S. and worldwide. They believe in that all students are unique andeach of them has different pace of learning, different interests and differentgoals.

The ck12 system supports individualized learning and group study. Tech&Learning, Forbes,THEJournal, eSchoolNews,edSurge,FORTUNEand many others published articles about ck12 and its accomplishes. Additionally,some institutions like UniversitySystem of Georgia and KhanAcademyusing its high-quality resources. Owens (2016) indicated that one can createclass groups to chat and work with each other, and ck12 can be a solution toproblems which are cost money and limited materials.


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