Accordingto the Australian association of Social workers, “The social workprofession allows social change and development, social cohesion, and theempowerment and liberation of human beings. Concepts of social justice, humanrights, collective responsibility and respect for diversities are embedded insocial work. Underpinned by theories of social work, social sciences,humanities and indigenous knowledge’s, social work engages humans andstructures to address life challenges and enhance well-being. Socialwork, clearly is done for the sake of the society, for the sake of a better andstronger society, for the sake of human beings separately! Frankly, a societyloses its letters by losing social work.

             Itis known that social work has developed in the nineteenth century, however inreality it has existed in the world since ever. It has existed with theexistence of man. Every man had the will and the heart to help and develop,which is the huge title in social work. Socialwork is all about human rights and social justice, it applies social sciences,including sociology, psychology, political science, public health, communitydevelopment, law, and economics. Depending on the clients, it results indevelop interventions to solve social and personal problems and in the end getto a social change which is e philosophical idea that society moves forward bydialectical or evolutionary means.Life without the help of social work, people experience many littlebig problems.

In which they think are tiny ones that won’t affect them but areactually very dangerous if not treated. Those problems are like experiencingproblems with family relationships and conflicts, struggling with thechallenges of growing old, having drug and alcoholic problems, and experiencingpractical problems with money or housing. Social work is the wellbeing net fromclaiming culture. Prepared and qualified social specialists intercede underprivate or crew an aggregation in place to secure people starting with damageto themselves alternately will others. In addition to pushing mankind’simprovement. Social laborers point to enhance parenting and the development ofchildren and young people who need help in line with Children’s Plan. Theyalso arrange alternative care for children whose parents cannot care forthem, and for people who can’t take care of their families any more. Social work is now a well-known major in most universities, underthe name of “Social Work & Community Development”it prepares students to aid families, children and people with social, interpersonal,financial and medical issues.

They are taught to apply clients’ needs and setthe programs or advice will help them live happy lives.Aswe can see, social work is now a well-known study and a helpful work that seesnothing but the sake of individuals. But, on the other hand there are peoplewho consider the work of social workers insufficient and that’s because of thedifferent characters each one of them have. So, from the eyes of the opposers,most of the social workers would apply their own character when helping people.Believing in the fact that a worker wouldn’t be able to distinguish his ownlife and beliefs and the ones of the person he’s aiding.

But actually, those who consider this fact have not looked deeplyinto the studies and main values of a social worker. Psychologically, one wouldnot trust a stranger with different opinions, and am with the opposers on this.He/she would never let the worker solve his problems or even share them.But frankly and luckily, a social worker is employed according tothese values.

In addition to these personality test, a training of one to twomonths is required. Even after one is employed, follow up with the workers isan essential lasting job.In a time where injustice still enrolls, incredible challenges showup every day, committed people with a will and courage are a must in oursociety! Spread the positive social changes, spread it into every individualalive!


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