According to the article “Vaping may stiffen the heart and blood vessels” by Meenakshi Prabhune, a study in mice may link e-cigarette use to heart disease.

Smoking’s harmful effects is very well documented, but, electronic cigarettes, which claim to be the healthier alternative have only been around for about 15 years. Because of this there are no long term risk studies yet. On the other hand short term tests are pointing to vaping might damage  the lungs and DNA. Recently a mouse study shows that even little bit of vapor hurts the blood vessels of mice. Effects seen observed in mice after eight months of vaping were linking heart disease to vaping.

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Professionals say that vaping is a way to quit smoking.To test this Mark Olfert and his team tested the effects of vaping in mice. They exposed mice to vapor for 4 hours a day for 8 months. These experiments were proportional a average vaper vaping for 20 years.

Mice exposed to the vapor had stiff arteries, 2.5 times stiffer than normal. This article is important because teen vaping is on the rise.

If the effects of vaping are this bad we could have hundreds upon thousands of cases of serious complications and illnesses. This article gave me an insight on some of the tests recently carried out on these test mice.  “Mice are different from people, Olfert points out” Even though this is true, mice show very similar test results using cigarette smoke compared to humans. Olfert is urging teens to stay away from vaping. “It’s not harmless” he says. Middlekauff, another scientist, suspects nicotine might be the heart-toxic component.

Nicotine is a natural chemical in tobacco that makes cigarettes addictive as well as causing increased heart rate. This also is relevant because vaping is often marketed as a way to quit smoking, which also leads to constricted blood vessels. So vaping mystery chemicals, could be worse than smoking.


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