Accordingto my point of view, there are three key reasons that justify the reason whystudents should attend a course on ethics. First, itcan help students understanding the vulnerabilities of rationalization. A lotof immoral behaviour goes on since “good”people tell themselves that such behaviour is not, indeed, bad.

As in the vastmajority of cases, rationalization is rooted in very poor reasoning, the coursegives students the opportunity to look at some of the most central rationalizations,examining them under the cold and dispassionate light of logic.Second, studentshave the opportunity to talk about ethics, morality, codes and beliefs. Thiscan have numerous constructive and helpful effects: make students more self-confidentspeaking about issues that might be too difficult to approach; help studentsunderstanding that not everyone shares their views on ethics, and that theyshouldn’t be so self-possessed; support the opportunity to enunciate their ownvalues and principles in a constructive way. Lastly, exposestudents to theoretical articles on ethics is exceptionally important because goodarticles are meritoriously superior examples of sophisticated and vitalthinking skills. In other words, students who have contact with such first-ratereasoning in the university face a better opportunity of being able to engagein solid ethical reasoning in the future.Summingup, universities play an imperative role in developing the professionalidentity of each student and should invest in developing graduates that arecapable of more than a simple response to change, but are adaptable andtransformative.

Students need to be more than simple acquirers of prevailingpractices and must grow as serious agents. If a student wants to be a meticulousprofessional one must be an introspective specialist, well conscious of the rulesof the community of practice, and to be critical moral agent moulding the upcomingrules of that community. This requires a student to be vocal when confrontedwith an ethical question and in order to be a critical expert, the student mustrely upon the capacity of being conscious, able to identify and judgeimpartially an ethical issue.As astudent of International Management, the role of ethics is much important forme, particularly business ethics. In the future, business ethics will help mebuilding trust in the workplace, allowing me to speak freely to other employeesand even share private information.

Additionally, acquiring the trust of theother employees can boost my productivity and efficiency by making it easierfor me to communicate and work with others in the workplace. Furthermore,gaining the trust of my managers can also open doors for new responsibilitiesat work, possibly leading to promotions. I think it is vital to illustrate tomanagement students the rewards of doing business ethicallywhile still achieving financial reward through different historical examples ofpeople and enterprises which were destroyed due to not doing the right thing.The key idea that should be conveyed to a student in this area is that “Companies should thrive due to livingethical principles”.


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