According to Aristotle, ‘the essence of life is to serve others and to do good.’ I have engaged myself in volunteer work through planning and participating in medical camps. The medical camps provide free medical services, essential drugs and promote health awareness in the community. The medical services include diagnosis and screening for various diseases such as cervical cancer.

My role as a pharmacist in the camps was to engage various medical suppliers to provide us with medicines for the camp. I also was offered dispensing services and this was not easy as it involved a large number of people and we had to do it on our feet, which meant standing for up to 12hours per day. I have participated in medical camps in various regions in the country such as Murang’a County and in Nakuru County. In these camps, we have been able to attend to an estimate of 1,000 people.

We were able to reach groups of people who otherwise have challenges accessing medical facilities due to distance, financial strain, and age amongst others. The camp enabled us to diagnose conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, provide treatment for common ailments and conduct vast deworming of the population especially children.As an active member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya(PSK) Central Rift, I have been involved in our charity activities which include an annual visit and donation to the Nakuru Hospice which caters to patients undergoing palliative care. They take care of patients with chronic illnesses such as cancer focusing on improving their quality of life by preventing and relieving suffering. We visit the hospice annually and spend the day with the workers and some patients. We make a monetary donation is made to the hospice annually.PSK is a national representative organization for pharmacists.

Being a member of PSK has enabled me to form networks with pharmaceutical retailers and wholesale dealers. These networks have come in handy when dealing with stock outs within my hospital as I am able to easily procure and get timely supplies for the facility. I established connections with some of the regional officers of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board. This board has provided us with assistance in addressing issues concerning counterfeits in the market. My enthusiasm in dealing with PSK issues placed confidence in other members who then recently chose to elect me as branch secretary.

This has further enabled me to organize continuous medication education (CME) for our members usually in collaboration with drug companies such as Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline. Through PSK I have been able to work with Management Sciences for Health (MSH) which assists public health facilities by providing technical support in special programs such as HIV/AIDS. 


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