Academic integrity… those two words may sound simple, but the topic is much more complicated than what meets the eye. There are different facets to this term and what it really means.  Here is some good advice.  Some people are going through life with questionable academic integrity and they don’t even know it. The good thing about academic integrity is that University of Phoenix has a Student Code of Academic Integrity which can help guide us on what to do or not to do.

 Plagiarism is a word that many have heard but often don’t fully comprehend.  It’s when a student takes a precise duplicate of material from someone else’s work, paper, or any source but fail to use the correct citations and quoting.  Students must always use their own thoughts and words. They must differentiate them with quotations and proper citing that lines up with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association when they don’t. Plagiarism also includes using someone else’s work (in whole or partially) but submitting it as your own.

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You can also self-plagiarize yourself by submitting work that has been done for an alternate class that is lacking citation from your original turned in piece. Fabrication is a situation in which someone uses untrue information, quoting, statistics, or anything that is not valid. It essentially is lying. Unauthorized assistance is when a scholar uses means that were not deemed clearly permissible by the faculty. These are just some of the examples of things that violate the Student Code of Academic Integrity.

                Integrity is important because it is always better to earn what you get in life. In my personal life I teach my kids how to be open and honest by doing so myself. I take this into work life as well. I don’t want to have things I’ve earned stripped from me due to unethical behaviors. Our Student Code of Academic Integrity, and the plagiarism checker our tools that we can use to stay in compliance.

I like the Code of Academic Integrity the best because of the clearly defined explanations.


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