Abuse has played a major role in the way children grow up, although it is not desired in any household, towards anyone, it still makes its way to 2/3 children. There are many perspectives when the discussion of abuse comes to conversation, some can argue that child abuse should not be taken seriously since is found in low quantities, however studies found that 6.6 million children are abused annually. Because abuse can be found in many different forms, parents should be more aware about the way they treat their children. Child abuse needs to be seen as a serious problem and more people should be finding new ways to help children that are abused, through this America can lower its percentages of children who die daily due to abuse as well as prevent any future children from suffering the damages of this problem. Child abuse can be broken up into multiple categories, there are children that face mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, along with neglect.

These categories vary from household to household, but they all bring suffering to the children. Neglect is one of the most common forms of abuse, it varies from leaving a child home alone, to extreme cases where a child dies from malnutrition and/or lack of care. Because neglect is common, it is the most difficult to identify, there are however signs that can help recognize it, such as; poor hygiene or appearance, health and development problems, and family problem, along with the child; wetting the bed, acting clingy, missing school, etc… Absence of love and care for these children, often leads to difficulty retaining healthy relationships and are likely to experience mental health issues as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

The long term effects of this abuse includes dissociative disorders, memory impairments, panis disorders, and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Neglect impacts the way a child grows up, it should be taken more seriously in order to help the children nationwide that are facing these difficulties and traumas.   Next in line is physical abuse, this type of abuse is caused by parents or guardians who act violently against a child in ways that will physically harm them.

More than 6,000 children live in homes where they are being beaten and harmed, homes where serious if not long-lasting injuries are being implemented by adults who hold emotional or behavioral problems. Anger issues as well as family or relationship problems also play a part in the way parents and guardians take out their anger on the young ones, usually adults who struggle from experienced abuse and health issues, will abuse their children. In 2017 there were over 8,000 children in childline counselling sessions due to physical abuse. This is because, physical abuse can not only harm the child through physical violence, but mental health. Studies recently showed that children who lived through physical abuse, often grew up to be involved with drugs, in prison, gangs, and suffer from depression and PTSD. Physical abuse needs to be stopped to prevent children from the harm it brings. Another form of abuse, would be emotional. Emotional abuse is one of the hardest forms of abuse to identify, this is because of the damages that are done, which are not visible to the eye.

To identify emotional abuse, one will see that the child believes that the abuse is a normal way of life, they will be loyal to their parent/guardian, and will be too afraid to tell anyone what is going on. Emotional abuse is done through words and indifferences, the abuser will reject, belittle, and criticize the victim.  Emotional abuse damages psychological growth and development as well as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, lack of empathy, and estrangement. More than 3,600 children suffer from emotional abuse, a problem which needs a solution. Like emotional abuse, mental abuse brings psychological damages.

Mental abuse also is difficult to identify because of the scarring done on the inside rather than the outside. Mental abuse is done through bullying, yelling, and threatening, the abuser will also frequently make negative comparisons towards others. These actions serve to bring harm to the child, which ultimately leads to the child being involved with drugs, having depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc.

. There are over 3,000 children that suffer from mental abuse in their household. The psychological damages that these children are suffering from need to be prevented in order to give children the option of living a normal happy life. One last form of abuse would be sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is most likely the worst form of abuse, because it affects children at such a young age with actions and knowledge that should not be exposed to young developing minds. These children are stripped of their innocence by being forced to do and watch things they don’t want to be involved with.

Sexual abuse includes forcing a minor to; expose oneself, fondle, engage in intercourse, masturbate or watch someone masturbate, be involved in obscene phone call, text messages, or digital interaction, be involved in sex trafficking. An abuser will also produce, own, or share pornographic images or movies of children, as well as have any kind of sex with a minor. To identify sexual abuse one must watch for physical signs such as; bleeding, bruising, or swelling of the genital area, bloody, torn, or stained underclothing, difficulty walking or sitting, etc…Some behavioral signs will include; changes in hygiene, development of phobias, depression, PTSD, suicide, inappropriate sexual knowledge or behaviors, returns to regressive behaviors, etc.. Sexual abuse harms over 3,400 children physically and mentally, a year.

This needs to be stopped, more awareness needs to be brought to people every in order to protect these and future children. Overall, there are many different kinds of abuse, but every abuse brings harm in its own way. With more than 1,700 children dying annually and over 6.6 million children suffering from abuse, child abuse can be seen as a hidden epidemic. There needs to be solutions to the problems these children are facing. There are too many children suffering and living lives that they do not deserve. Help stop children from suffering and dying due to abuse, help the children nationwide to live the life they choose to live.

The abuser need to be put to rest, children need to be protected in order to make this world a better place.


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