AbstractIn the advent scenario of digital data environment, every kind of data that is generated by the organization are having significant importance to the organizational development and in the case of SMB’s there are many organizations that are failing in terms of having secured data backups. In this research paper the focus is upon understanding the need for effective data backup measures, the practices that are to be adapted by the organization and the impacts of  the data  backups has been discussed and the implementation strategies that could help SMBs in having good data backups has been discussed in this report. 1.0      Introduction In the current world of digital environment, data has significant importance in the organizational development.  The data management is so vital in the process of running an organization or a system. For instance from a primary school records to the level of banking transactions, to anything and everything has value for data and if there is loss of data even in smaller fractions, or a portion or partial data of some records goes missing, it could be a herculean task for organization to handle the outcome of such problems.

  The entire tasks become so complex and might even not be able to continue the process, till the missing data is recovered by the IT department. (GFI, 2013)With scores of data that is being accumulated every day by the organizations from its functioning, it is very essential that organizations ensure appropriate care whilst of securing the data. Data backup methods are to be certainly adapted in order to ensure regular back up of data is taking place in the organization. Unless strict procedures and policies are adapted in terms of data management, it could be very challenging for the organization to quality data systems.

(HP, 2004)In the current scenario, with the rapid development of technological trends, both the positive and the negative impacts of the developments are envisaged on the organizational process. For instance, with the uptrend of cloud computing, access to full fledge data management systems has become much easier and cost effective. Whereas in the negative shades, the kind of cyber-attacks that is prevailing on the organizations are alarming and there are many organizations that are encountering the challenges of data systems getting corrupted, or the data being erased from the systems, and many such issues. (ORACLE, 2014)In one of the surveys that has been conducted recently by GFI software, the results of the survey depict the fact that significant volume of small and mid-sized businesses are losing critical data from the organization due to the facts like failed backups, and had to encounter challenges of business function. The loss of data includes varied range of aspects like the confidential records like transaction details, financial records, email account correspondence and much other such confidential information that could be potential issue for the organization. This is eventually affecting the customer relations, brand proposition and business functioning of the organization. (GFI, 2013)In lieu of such scenario, in this research paper the focus is upon understanding the key challenges and impacts of data backups has been taken up for the research study to understand the data backup scenario and the methods and measures that should be adapted by the organization in terms of implementing the data backups.

(Ralph Schoon, 2013)2.0      Data Backups and its Impacts2.1      Need for Data Backup In the current trend scenario, role of information and communication technologies has become an integral part of the functioning of an organization, and the digital data has become a way of life for many organizations. The quantum of data that is maintained by the organizations has been phenomenal and there are various kinds of data that is being generated by the scores of digital communication that is taking place. The veracity of the data could range from confidential records of the customers to, the business transaction details that are being generated and stored by the companies for future purpose. (Ralph Schoon, 2013)In addition to this the crux, is that there are various kinds of enterprise systems, agile systems and process that are followed as per the requirements of the organization. With the ever increasing challenges of cyber-attacks or the data systems getting damaged due to the physical damage or any other such conditions, unless the organization has robust data backup measures in place, if there is any data loss that is taking place, it could be a potential challenge for the organization. (Ralph Schoon, 2013)2.

2      Impacts of Inadequate Data Backup Plans There are many potential issues that are encountered by the organizations in terms of data backup. But if the organizations fail to have an effective data backup plans, it might be very challenging for the organizations to ensure that there is potential system of data retrieval. Keeping in view the need of the organization, the data back-up plans have to work out by the organization. (Mugoh Leon, Ateya Ismail Lukandu, & Shibwabo Bernard Kasamani, 2011)The key impact of not having sound data back-up plans is that, if there is any data security issue that creep up, and the data in the information systems are lost, then retrieving such data could be a very challenging task and also an time consuming process.

There is every possibility that the data might have been permanently erased or corrupted to irreversible conditions and in such scenario, retrieving the original data might become very difficult and might impact the business.Secondarily, in the case of cyber-attacks or any intentional data erase in the system might also hamper the business operations, and the further transactions of the customers might get affected and it might become much difficult to ensure that right measures are in place to handle such problems in an effective manner. (HP, 2004)Even in the case of having regular data back-ups it is very essential to have a test of the backup data functioning in a periodical manner. Because if such systems where the data is being stored are not inspected for any kind of virus threats and etc., in case of any such attacks on the back-up systems, then it could lead to more complications for the organization.

(TANEJA, 2013)For a quick turnaround time, in reestablishing the data in to the system, it is very essential that regularly data backup is taken up using appropriate methods and practices. If there is any lack of data methods it could impact the entire organizational process in an effective manner.3.0      Analysis of the Data Backup Issues Businesses of all sizes are encountering the challenges of explosion in the quantum of data that is being generated and is hold by the organizations. The source of data generation could range from diverse angles like internet, email or the information systems management application which the organizations maintain. The IDC survey estimates reflect that the organizations are envisaging data growth of close to 80% and are turning out to be one of the potential assets for the organization and losing such data might be a significant blow to the organization.

(ORACLE, 2014)It is evident from the researches that any kind of data loss could be very costly for SMB’s and the challenging factor for organizations in terms of data security is that the difference between survival and closure shall depend upon the ability of the organization to recover from the disaster. In the least cases too, the loss of critical data might have certain financial impact on the companies of all sizes. (HP, 2004)The research studies emphasize the fact that the key impacts from the issue of data backups could be resulting on the primary or the support operations of the business and might lead to crisis for business of the organization. Even in the case of small piece of information or partial records like the case history of the patients, or the employee pay roll details of previous months even could impact the entire process. It can be ascertained that every kind of data that is stored on a computer or a digital environment has some potential risk of loss and even in the case of most reliable data environments too, such data backup methods are very essential.

(Ralph Schoon, 2013)Also there are many legal frameworks that are to be in compliance by the organizations in terms of data maintenance, hence it very essential that all the possible measures are adhered by the organizations in terms of securing the data and ensuring that regular data backups are taken up to avoid any kind of catastrophic challenges that might arise from data loss. (Mugoh Leon, Ateya Ismail Lukandu, & Shibwabo Bernard Kasamani, 2011)The figure above represents the various kinds of data backup options that are available for the SMB’s in order to ensure that regular data backups are taken up. It is very essential that right kind of data backup systems are chosen by the organization, though there are certain costs tagged to each kind of data backup plans. One of the critical challenges for the organization is to ensure that right method is adapted and religiously followed to have the data backups, and if the organizations could succeed in doing so, it could be potentially resourceful for the organizations.

(Ralph Schoon, 2013)


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