Abstract The process of library access system is still manual inmost of the schools and colleges. The problem of manual process is inconvenientand time consuming. This paper proposes a Library Access System which is designedand implemented for android users.

Nowadays Android Mobile platform is a widelyused platform in smart phones.  Thispaper focuses on the development of mobile application for Library Access System.Using this system, patrons can access the library information without thelibrarian or computers. This application receives the relevant informationstored in the database. This system can be accessed by only authenticatedusers. Using this system, administrator can enter the new book details, updateborrow/return details and user can search books, view due dates.

This workbrings an idea of the public to access the library. KeywordsLibrary management, Android application, Library AccessSystem Introduction Library Access System automates the functions of LibraryAccess. In earlier days, all library access operations were manual and timeconsuming.

Then standalone applications were introduced using C, Visual Basicwith oracle backend to automate the library operations. The drawback of thoseapplications is, the librarian only can access the system. When the users     want to borrow books, search books and return books theywill meet the librarian who will update /search the database using thestandalone application. After that web applications for Library Access system usingJSP, ASP, JavaServlets with backend such as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL etc., weredeveloped.

Using web application system, one can search books in the libraryfrom anywhere using computer with internet connection. Nowadays mobility hasbecome everything.  This paper proposes amobile application for Library Access System which is implemented for android phones.

The proposed Library Access system allows users to manage the library by itsquick and interactive interface. Using this application, any user can accessthe due dates and search books in the library and the library administrator canmanage all the library item details and keep track on all the booksdetails.    II. RELATED WORK  Number of authors proposes their work for librarymanagement. But this system let the user to complete their task easier. Some ofthe related work is also available for accessing and managing the library. Butthis work made our task easier.  A library access system- smartphone application usingandroid9 was proposed by R.

Dinesh et al,. They developed  a mobile application which providesappropriate functions for library access.  A Java Application forOnline Library management System2 was developed by Ashutosh Tripathi &Ashish Srivastava . This library management system provides necessary interfacefor both user and administrator for accessing library system. Development of RFIDBased Library Management System1 Using MATLAB was proposed by C. Srujanaetal., this system is implemented using MATLAB and MySQL, basedon the emerging technology called Radio Frequency Identification. This systemis based on high frequency DLP RFID1 Read/Writer.

 Design and implementation of LMS based on web service 5was proposed by Yujun Li et al.  This webbased application which provides necessary functions of library was implementedusing JSP using SQL server 2005. This system uses stored procedures andtriggers to optimize the performance of the database. ProposedSystem Proposed system is anAndroid Application for Library Access. Using this mobile application user canadd members and search books in quick time. Administrator can add books, search members, search books, borrow andreturn books in quick time.

 AndroidOS and SQLite Database Android is a mobile operating system was developed bygoogle, based on linux kernel, mainly introduced to fulfill the marketrequirements. It was designed especially for touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablets. SQLite is an embedded SQL database which stores all data.Information is actually stored at the client end for quick access. It is thewidely used database for the mobile applications.

Databases cannot be accessedfrom outside the application.  There are lot of sophisticated Technologies are currentlyavailable to built android applications, the most frequently used tools are Android Studio,  Eclipse IDE.  Eclipse, an integrated development environment(IDE), is a powerful tool for developing mobile applications. Java N-IDE is usedto develop Library Accessing System. Android SoftwareDevelopment Kit (SDK) consists of a set of development tools. The developmenttools include Libraries, Debugger, sample codes.

 Programmer uses Eclipse and NetBeans todevelop android application. The android applications are packaged file systemwith an extension .apk6. This extension file holds the .dex7,8and resourcefiles etc.

The combination of Eclipse and android SDK tools is saidto be an IDE(integrated Development Environment) which is used to developandroid applications.  The proposed system is developed using Java N-IDE andprovides necessary interface through which users can view the available books inthe library and their due dates and administrator update borrow/return details,enter book details and search books. Modules Library Access system will be loaded in the Google playstore so that anyone can downloads LAS from it. The updated version details arenotified to the users of Library Access System(LAS).  Weuse Java N-IDE to create an Android application under a package.com.

example.MyApp.The first step is to modify the Main/Activity file by adding required code. Thenthe activity _main.xml file is modified by adding necessary XML components. Theapplication is run and installed in the android device by clicking the runbutton.  The project window is displayedin figure 1.

   Fig 1: Project Window in Java N-IDE.  The LAS consists of mainly three modules.a)      Login/Registration b) Admin c) User  Login module asks your credentials to login tosome particular application. You might have seen the same when logging into ourmail, WhatsApp etc., sample source code is given in figure 2.  Fig.2. Sample Source code in Java N-IDE Login/Registration Using registration module, a new users can registerthemselves by giving the necessary details such as name, email, and passwordand conform password etc.

 Registrationis compulsory for accessing the library system. Using login module, aregistered user can login to the system by giving the correct user name andpassword. Both users and administrator have to provide correct username andpassword to enter into the system. Login module – Sample Android code We  have to define two TextView to read usernameand password from the user.  The abovecode displays button with Login text and onClick property of the button is set.Login function which is defined in java will be invoked whenever the button is clicked.

  The Login method of onClick get the username and passwords entered by the user using getText() and toString() method and match it with the correct text using equals() function. A sample output of Login/Registration application is given in figure 3. EditText username = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.editText1);EditText password = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.editText2);                     public void login(View view){   if(username.getText().

toString().equals(“user1”) && password.getText().

toString().equals(“tiger”)){      //correcct password   }else{   //wrong password}                Fig3.Sample output of registration/Login UserModule User has to enter correct username and password to accessthis module. Using this module user can search books in the library. They alsocan check the due dates of their borrowed books. Adminmodule Admin can access this module by giving username andpassword. Administrator can enter the new book details such as book name,author, edition and publication by clicking AddNew button.

He can also checkwhether specified book is available for the user or not. He can update thelibrary book database whenever students borrow/ return the books.This system has following limitations. All book detailsare entered by the administrator only. Administrator only can update thedatabase. This Library Access System can be accessed only by android users.

 Advantagesof the proposed systemThis system automates all the operations of library andremoves manual process. User registration / login can do using this system. Usercan also check the due dates and availability of books. Conclusion In this paper, an android application for Library AccessSystem has been proposed. Using this application, administrator can manage thelibrary and users can easily access their library account to check their duedates, availability of books in the library.

This system saves user’s time bymaking online request.                     Reference1. C. Srujana, B. RamaMurthy, K.TanveerAlam, U. Sunitha, Mahammad D.

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