Abstract:Brand credibility isvery important aspect for all types of businesses and it has a great role inbuilding customer loyalty to a specific brand. When a customer become committedor loyal to a particular brand then that brand always gains his preference whenits customer have so many other alternative options to buy a product. The moretime of a customer spent with a particular brand the more credible that brandbecomes on customer mind and this loyalty is built by offering best qualityproduct to its customer, more promotional offers and certain benefits likeloyalty cards to its loyal customers and giving them special discounts fortheir commitment to that brand. A customer always perceives his/her favoritebrand to be most credible among other brands and the customer assume his brandto be most trustworthy and his/her willingness to pay even more to buy thatproduct increases. Brand credibility has a strong connection with the brandintention of a customer.

Objective of study:The main purpose of this study is toinvestigate impact of brand credibility on consumer purchase intention. Brandconsumers are very conscious about their brand quality and quality ultimatelydecides brand creditability. Credible brands have a strong impression on themind of consumer and this quality of brand make the decision of consumer easierto go for the same brand without bothering other brands. It also increasesconsumer loyalty and commitment towards that brand. The conditions under whichthis loyalty is built and when a brand become credible on customer’s mind thenhis level of commitment towards that brand.  Significance:Brand creditability has been veryimportant quality of brand who want their customer to be satisfied with buyingtheir product to build strong positive image on consumer mind which will inturn build brand creditability.

Brand credibility is very important aspect ofbrand users and it has a great impact on the purchase decision. Great attentionhas been devoted to capture impact of brand on consumer choice. This researchwill reveal the impact of brand creditability on consumer purchasing decision.

Ourself-generated hypothesis investigates the influence of brand credibility onconsumer’s purchase intention which will help brands understanding importanceof credibility on its loyal customer mind also, its influence on consumerbehavior.Introduction:Credibility is defined as the quality ofof an entity at a specific time and also have two characteristics i.e.

 trustworthiness and expertise. Thus, brandcredibility is defined as the assumption of trustworthiness of the productinformation promised by a brand, which requires that consumers believe that thebrand have the ability (i.e., expertise) and willingness (i.e.,trustworthiness) to deliver exactly what has been promised by them (in fact, ifbrand do not deliver what it has promised then it will be a compromise on itscredibility)Brand creditability is of greatimportance in all types and nature of businesses.

A brand’s profitability is somehowinterlinked with its customer’s level of considering a brand credibility. Brandsmaintain high quality to meet its customer’s expectation and brands do vast advertisingand also arrange some promotional offers for its loyal customers. The brandbelievability and brand prestige has a positive effect on customer purchasesintention when he perceives brand’s quality to be best and he thinks thatinformation cost will be reduced also he sees low risks in buying thatparticular product from that brand (Baek et al.,2010)  The name of a brand and its symbol of productand identity differentiates it from its competitors (Keller 2012) some organizationsuse its goodwill to attract customers and they provide its customers theproducts according to their demands (Merz et al.

, 2009; Vargo and Lusch, 2004) brandsuse effective and differentiated strategies for its differentiation in the mindof customers from competitors (Colucci et al., 2008; Madden et al.,2006) Chenand Chang (2008 )argued that a brand that is strong in image increases customertrust on it and his belief in the product as brand credibility and brand loyaltyhas a strong link. Brand credibility is the characteristics of brand thatrelates to the trust of customer in the quality of brand that it has promised (Chen andChang, 2008). (Chen andChang, 2008) argued that brandcreditability should be built at managerial and strategic level to ensure brandvalue  (Jara andCliquet, 2012). Thepurchase behavior of customer associated with a certain product can be used asan instrument to evaluate his buying habit (Wang and Yang (2010)) revealedresults of their study  that there is asignificant impact of brand credibility on consumer brand purchase intentionand only few researchers conduct research about this link and even it has greatimportance, still it receives little attention (Baek et al.

,2010).  Brand credibility significantly affectspurchase intentions of a consumer (chi et al., 2008; Arslan & Altuna, 2010;Irshad, 2012 ;Aziza & Ajini, 2012; Tariq et al.

, 2013). Divolf (2005)proposed that customer intension of buying has a great link with brandcredibility and this link is said to be brand awareness. Decision convenienceplays a strong role in the brand creditability and purchase need of customer.Consumers are highly interested in continuing relationship with their favoriteand credible brand and they prefer to buy product from their favorite brandinstead of going to another one (Evanschitzky et al.,2006) the credibility of abrand and consumer perceived value are the two most important features thatmarketers need to pursue for building a strong brand  (Vanrenen, 2005) Credibility of a brand isdefined as the assumption of a customer that the brand has an ability todeliver what it promises (Erdem & Swait, 2004) when we try to attachcustomer to our brand, it is a concern stone for a brands relationshipmanagement team. He also describes that there are some conditions which can bealso called limitations to gaining customer loyalty i.e.

if ethical conditionsare not properly followed (Schmalz andOrth, 2012)              Literature review:Intoday’s environment with high level of competition, a firm can secure acomfortable position in the market place in the long term if it improvesconsumer’s loyalty for that brand (Amine, 1998) Results of a controlledexperiment which was conducted on the role of brand awareness affectingcustomer choice showed that brand awareness had a strong effect on customer (Hoyer andBrown, 1990) Brand recall can beunderstand as the brand name which comes in consumer’s mind when he/she sees aproduct category and brand recognition means consumers has the ability torecognize the brand when there is brand cue (Chi et al., 2009)  (Erdem andSwait, 2004)  find that brand credibility has a great impacton brand choice and consideration set formation more and through moreconstructs in that way with high uncertainty and sensitivity to suchuncertainty, credibility effects are present in all categories. brand credibility serves in a critical role,it  significantly improves consumer pointof view about a brand and reduces danger of switching behaviors amongcustomers, these relationships are built  by customer satisfaction and commitment.(SweeneyandSwait, 2008) Brand image and brand awareness are found to be positively enhancingthe relationship between the credibility of brands and consumers’ brandpurchase intention. (Wang andYang,2010) Baek reveals from a study of brandcreditability and brand prestige that credibilityof a brand and  prestige of a brand bothhave a positive influence on brand purchase intention through perceivedquality, cost of information saved, and perceived risk under various productcategories indicating the high and low self-expressive nature(Baek et al., 2010) (Erdem andSwait, 2004) reveals that when the credibility is raised on consumermind then he does not remain price sensitive anymore thus brand creditability ispresumed to have a strong effect on purchasing decision of consumer (Erdem andSwait, 2004) brand experience affects consumer satisfaction and loyalty directly andindirectly through brand personality associations. Brands as often as possible utilize endorsers orspokespersons as solid sources to impact buyers’ states of mind and buyexpectations.

Corporate believability the notoriety of an organization fortrustworthiness and ability is another kind of source validity that can impactcustomer responses to advertisements and shape mark mentalities(Goldsmith et al., 2000) Brand users evaluatethe credibility of the organizations and spokespersons and additionally theirstates of mind toward the promotions and brands, and they aim to buy thepublicized item(Lafferty et al., 2002) The brand with the higher promotional spending plan yieldgenerously more elevated amounts of brand value. Thusly, the brand with thehigher value in every classification create altogether more noteworthyinclinations and buy expectations (Cobb-Walgren et al., 1995) Brand mentality methodology is viewed as mirroring acollaboration between a potential shopper’s inclusion with the buy choice andthe basic inspiration to buy. (Percy andRossiter,1992)  Hypothesis:From the above aspects of brand creditability,we came to some important questions about our area of research that howconsumer commitment to a certain brand lead him to purchase certain productfrom his/her credible brand. Is there any positive relationship between brandcreditability and decision convenience, commitment and purchase intention? Wewanted to find out that how strong is the influence of brand credibility is onthe customer mind and how he perceives product from a particular brand willalways be best and worth paying for. Also the brand credibility always leads to trustworthiness on customermind that he will go for a particular brand because of its credibility and thischaracteristic of trustworthiness leads him to always go for the same brandwith considering other brands and even if the customer considers alternatives,he/she still find his favorite brand to be the best.

We generated three hypothesis H1:  Brand credibility always leads to high trustworthiness to consumersH2:   brand credibility has strong positive effecton customer purchase intention  Methodology:To conduct this survey about brandcredibility the main variables were brand credibility and customer purchaseintention. Now a day when brands are so much important and reachable for alltypes of customer low or high income, both categories have become so muchconscious about their brand so we often categorize them as brand consciouspeople. These brand conscious people are able to buy a brand or any brandbecause of their perception that brands always come up with top quality, someof these people are only brand conscious while some are brand conscious with aparticular brand and they find themselves so much loyal to that brand that theywill always go for that brand even at any condition. Now coming to the pointour target audience were the second category who believed that their brand isso much credible and their brand also provides best quality and they not onlygo for shopping to that brand but they will also spread good word of mouth totheir peer and would love to suggest them that brand for shopping.The population contained the consumer ofclothing brand of Lahore, Pakistan. Sample was collected from 5 respondents throughconvenience sampling who were using same brand for clothing from last 5-10years. Primary source was used to collect data from respondents.

Our studyadopted self-generated questionnaire about some brand creditability,trustworthiness and purchase intension questions and used 7 rating point Likertscale (1. strongly disagree 2. slightly disagree 3. Disagree 4. neutral 5.agree 6. slightly agree 7.

strongly agree) for measurement. Controlled variablewas time. There is one independent variable i.

e. brand credibility and one dependentvariables i.e. purchase intention. This research was conducted ethically whilekeeping all the rules of ethics in mind. This study was conducted to find outrelationships between brand credibility and consumer behavior or purchaseintention as a result of credibility. This study examines relationship betweencreditability and purchase intention of consumer of clothing brand.

Resultsreveals that there is a positive and significant relationship between brandcreditability and purchase intension and also when there is strongcreditability the consumer has strong bond of trustworthiness about brand thathis/her brand is meeting his requirements more than his/her expectations. Thisstudy cannot be generalized in all regions of Pakistan because it covered avery small number of respondents however findings of this study are consistentwith the study of Erdem and Swait (2004) who argued that higher creditabilitywill have strong probability that the consumer will choose that product. Itshows that when customer is extremely loyal to its brands and have a strongbelief that his/her brand has the ability to deliver what is promises and evenmore than that then his/her sensitivity about price of a certain product ofthat brand decreases. Consumers loyalty is not as simple as it can beperceived.

To control consumer loyalty a brand must make its best effort toprovide best quality Because this is veryimportant for a brand to gain customer loyalty and also good word of mouth. Tool fordata collection:Primary data has beencollected for identifying the impact of consumer brand credibility on consumerpurchase intention.  The data wascollected through survey and 7 point Likert scale questionnaire is used forthis research project.  Questionnaire wasused for the target people to get a quick idea of their perception about their favoriteclothing brand because it is best way to identify target population point ofview by not consuming their so much precious time and is also very costeffective and it is also very efficient way of data collection from respondentsand easy to analyze. The questionnaire is divided in to two sections. Section 1contain questions about brand credibility.

Section 1 of questionnaire gainsassessment of the perception of a brand user about the quality of his favoritebrand and the point of view of customer about the trustworthiness of his favoritebrand and the time from which the consumer is attached to this brand, andconsistency if brand quality during the consumer loyalty period with thatbrand. Section 2 assesses the target audience about their purchase intention.This section covers very important aspects of this study that will consumer bealways be buying this brand, his level of biasedness about that particularbrand and his willingness to pay more and more to that brand for its products. Fora firm or an organization its credibility is always important. Credibility isnot only required to attract customers and make large amount of loyal customersbut also to make good PR in the business circle. For this firms often seeks tomake a department for its customer relationship and take feedback from theircustomer to simply identify what improvement their customer wants and how to makeits best effort to provide them, according to the literature we find out thatbrand credibility is the most important characteristics a firm must have. Theliterature shows that credibility is very important to gain customer interestand when this interest is developed then there are wide chances that thecustomer will remain loyal to a particular brand and it is the possibility thathe always prefer that brand while shopping and in this their purchase decisionis highly influenced by the brand credibility or their trust in that brand.

Wealso come to similar results when we did a survey with the extremely loyalcustomer to a particular brand. Our results also showed the same results thatwhen a customer become a loyal customer of a brand then he always sees hisbrand to be providing the best quality product and that particular brand isalways on their top priority. When we conducted this survey we took point ofview of loyal customer by questionnaire. The results of all the question askedin the questionnaire has a similar understanding as the results we took fromthe previous studies about brand credibility. A customer sees his brand as aname or a symbol that can be easily trusted on. They were having a strong pointof view that they are always provided with best quality product and they do notsee any chance in the long-term that they are supposed to switch to any otherbrand. They find best product from their favorite brand and hopefully they willstay committed to that brand in the long term.

When asked they had a strongview that they are likely to pay even more if their brand raises prices, justto get the product that is offered by their brand. Conclusion:Brand credibility isvery important and obvious aspect of all kinds of businesses. For all types ofbusinesses consumer loyalty and commitment to a brand is also very important.We conducted this survey on consumer purchase intention and this target of thissurvey was the loyal consumers of brand. After getting all the relevantinformation about brand credibility we come to this conclusion that the mostimportant task for an organization is to provide best quality to its customersand provide various promotional offers to build customer interest in aparticular brand. When this trust with the consumers is built then it will beeasier to access them for further loyalty building stages.

When is stronglybuild on consumer’s mind then he will become loyal customer and his commitmentwill make him biased about a particular brand. A consumer will always givepreference to his/her favorite brand after comparing that particular brand withother brands. The above results show some shocking results about customer commitmentand brand credibility. The results show that when a brand earns enoughcredibility on consumer mind then the consumer become so much committed to thisbrand that he can even pay more for the product just because that product isbeing offered by his/her favorite brand. Also when credibility is high onconsumer mind then he has a blind trust on that brand and he always find theproduct with best quality and better than the product that are offered bydifferent brands.                     


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